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IP.com Expands Prior Art Database to Include IBM's Technical Disclosure Bulletin & Japanese Companies

      Rochester, NY -(ots) - IP.com, the leading global online provider
of intellectual property defensive publication services, today
announced that it will add prior art publications of Japanese
companies and IBM's Technical Disclosure Bulletin to the technical
disclosures from such leading technology companies as Motorola,
Siemens and General Electric Company, providing patent offices and
intellectual property professionals around the world with access to
prior art information not available anywhere else.

    "The IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin ["TDB"] is one of the most cited non-patent prior art references by government patent offices worldwide," said Tom Colson, CEO of IP.com, Inc. "Future TDB documents will be made available via IP.com's Prior Art Database, and IP.com will be the source for online archives of the TDB dating back to 1997," he added.

    The Company noted that the historical TDB archives will be available online during the first quarter of 2003.

    "The addition of IBM comes on the heels of our initial success in penetrating the Japanese market," said Mr. Colson. He noted that following the enhancements to the online service in September that allows for the addition and search of non-English language documents, the Company has begun to win contracts with leading Japanese companies, including Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. and Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

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    IP.com, Inc. was founded to fill a growing need in the intellectual property community for an easy-to-use, central repository of prior art. IP.com provides tools and services to help companies publish technical disclosures, in order to provide cost effective protection to their intellectual property portfolio. IP.com was formed from the Intellectual Property Services Division of Manning & Napier Information Services, a leading technology company specializing in designing innovative products for accessing, analyzing, and managing vast amounts of information founded in 1994. IP.com maintains its headquarters in Rochester, N.Y., with marketing and sales personnel located in key cities worldwide. For more information, visit www.ip.com; call 1-585-427-8180; or fax 1-585-427-8183.

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