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First coordination meeting on oral health and systemic health

Periodontal Medicine: Health Policy Implications - Organised by the Sunstar Foundation for Oral Health Promotion

    Geneva (ots) - On December 5 & 6, 2002, the Sunstar Foundation for Oral Health Promotion will convene the first Coordination Meeting on Oral Health and Systemic Health in Geneva, Switzerland.

    The meeting will bring together leading medical experts and experts in the field of oral health, the World Health Organization, and international dental and medical organizations, to discuss the factors influencing the oral health / overall health paradigm at a global level, and explore possible future scenarios.

    The latest research results showing the relationship between oral health and diabetes will be presented by Dr R. J. Genco of the State University of New York at Buffalo (Buffalo, NY, USA) and Dr G. L. King of the Joslin Diabetes Center (Boston, MA, USA). Dr S. Offenbacher of the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC, USA) and Dr M. K. Jeffcoat of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, AL, USA) will present the latest research on the links between oral health and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

    Following a review of the relationship between periodontal disease and other systemic conditions including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and risk factors like diet and smoking, discussions will be held among experts from the World Health Organization and non-governmental organizations, on ways to establish future international cooperation in the field of oral health-systemic health, involving the global dental and medical communities, to build effective partnerships and action programs.

    Name of the meeting: The Coordination Meeting on Oral Health and
                                      Systemic Health
    Dates:                        December 5 (Thu) and 6 (Fri), 2002
    Place:                        Geneva, Switzerland                     
   Organizers:                The Sunstar Foundation for Oral Health
    Sponsors:                  Sunstar Inc. and the John O. Butler Company

    The Sunstar Foundation for Oral Health Promotion is a non-profit organization established in 1977 by the President of Sunstar Inc., Mr Hiroo Kaneda, who said that "Health and happiness in body and mind is directly related to your oral health. We all wish to keep our teeth throughout our lifetime. The mission of the Sunstar Foundation for Oral Health Promotion is, therefore, to help to achieve this by providing such medical assistance as dental treatments and preventative care while encouraging oral education and research. The Foundation supports those in particular need - older people, the seriously ill and children, and focuses its attention on making everyone's life happier and brighter with healthier, stronger teeth and gums".

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