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17.08.2004 – 14:02

S2 Systems, Inc.

S2 Systems Announces OpeN/2® Support for NCR's Cash Acceptor - NCR's "Intelligent" Deposit Technology and APTRA Improve Time-to-Market

    DALLAS, TX (ots)

S2 Systems, a global provider of transaction processing, authorization and integrated solutions for the banking, financial, retail and telecommunications sectors, announced OpeN/2® support for NCR Corporation's APTRA software and cash acceptor. S2 Systems' OpeN/2 platform for enterprise payments helps institutions take advantage of next generation self-service technologies for ATM networks that enable new services with improved time-to-market.

    "NCR's 'Intelligent' deposit technology, coupled with APTRA for ATMs, provide OpeN/2 customers with an automated deposit facility that performs teller activities and significantly reduces operating service expenses," said Lynn Holland, chief technology officer of S2 Systems. "Organizations that deploy S2 Systems' OpeN/2 to drive their ATM networks can now easily migrate deposit transactions from the branch to a lower-overhead, faster-processing channel and ensure support for deposit automation, marketing, security standards and legal requirements with unprecedented development productivity."

    The cash acceptor module from NCR can verify 50-note bundles of up to 50 denominations. The ability to check and count cash enables real-time credit, meaning that customers can see their deposit registered and cleared in as little as 60 seconds. NCR's APTRA delivers a modern self-service software platform for new services, web enablement, security and accessibility standards while still using existing host systems for transaction authorization and consumer flows.

    "Banks and financial services organizations that deploy S2 Systems' OpeN/2 can now achieve significant efficiency benefits by migrating cash deposit transactions to the self-service channel using NCR's cash acceptor technology," said Joe Gallagher, general manager of Software and Services for NCR's Financial Solutions Division. "Most importantly, NCR's modular self-service deposit solution enables reliable, unattended day or night cash deposit facilities that can create significant cost savings, service benefits and enhancement of the customer experience."

    S2 Systems and NCR provide the kind of unique combination of affordable open systems-based technologies that allow companies to rationalize channel management. NCR's APTRA Windows-based architecture and OpeN/2's flexible platform enable organizations to manage the ATM like any other modern Web-based channel and address the major cost and resource issues that exist in today's multi-channel environment, so that institutions can focus upon branch renewal and channel integration.

    About S2 Systems

    S2 Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of mission-critical enterprise payment and transaction management solutions for the banking, financial services, retail, telecommunications, utilities and travel & hospitality industries. Today, S2 Systems technology is the best of its class in price and performance, delivering improved reliability and availability to businesses worldwide, with the industry's best ROI. And for over 20 years, some of the world's largest organizations have relied on S2 products to drive their high-volume transaction processing systems. S2 Systems is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Dubai, Riyadh, and Melbourne. For more information about S2 Systems, visit its web site at www.s2systems.com

    S2, the S2 logo and OpeN/2 are registered trademarks of S2 Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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S2 Systems
Jeff Oberbillig
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E-Mail: jeff_oberbillig@s2systems.com

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