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Schindler presents new high-performance elevator in Frankfurt

Schindler Technology Presentation 2002 in Frankfurt, Germany

    Ebikon (ots) - Schindler, the elevator and escalator company, presented its new Schindler 700 high-performance elevator at a technology presentation held in the telecommunications tower in Frankfurt on November 5, 2002. The elevator program, which contains a large number of technical innovations, can be used worldwide for travel heights up to 500 meters and speeds up to 10 meters per second. Schindler will launch its new product onto the market in mid-2003, and thereby further expand its position in the high-performance business in Asia, the USA, Europe and elsewhere.

    The 330-meter high telecommunications tower in Frankfurt, Germany, is being used by Schindler development engineers as a testing tower for thorough trials of the new high-performance elevator. Alfred N. Schindler, Chairman of the Board of Directors, invited European journalists and financial analysts to Frankfurt for a first trip in the fastest elevator in Schindler's history.

    High-performance elevator business is important

    In both new installations and maintenance, high-performance elevators generate a substantially greater proportion of revenue than elevators in low-rise buildings. Because of this, the high-performance elevator business is very important for the globally active Schindler Group. Furthermore, orders for high-performance elevators generally lead to follow-on orders, especially for elevators and escalators in shopping centers, restaurants, parking garages, and subway stations in the immediate vicinity of high-rise buildings. In addition, reference installations around the globe enhance the brand and increase recognition of the company.

    Market potential mainly in Asia

    Around 6'000 high-performance elevators are sold around the world every year. 80% of the projects are for residential and commercial buildings up to 250 meters high (approximately 60 storeys). Some projects even reach heights approaching 500 meters. Despite the present economic downturn, there is a high market potential. In Southeast Asia, and particularly China, vigorous population growth is leading to rapid urbanization, making residential towers especially necessary. In America, Europe, and Japan, where urbanization has already reached an advanced stage, there is a growing need for technical modernization of existing metropolitan buildings, and better utilization of central city areas.

    Completion of market and product strategy

    Individual projects with Schindler 700 installations are already in process. However, the actual market launch will start in mid-2003. With this step, the last phase of the Schindler market and product strategy will be complete. In the first phase, new standards were set in the volume business, with highly-standardized machine room-less elevators for residential buildings and modular elevators for commercial buildings. At the same time, a leading position was built up on all continents with the new range of escalators. Against the backdrop of a densely spread worldwide service network, the final step is now to add to the product range the first global high-performance elevator in the company's history.

    High customer benefits thanks to technical innovations

    Schindler 700 is an elevator system for global application with modular components which allow customer-specific solutions. Technically, the elevator is designed for a high level of ride comfort, safety, and availability. The strongest drive machine can accelerate a mass of up to 45 metric tons to a travel speed of 10 meters per second and then brake it again without the passenger feeling the forces involved. To eliminate the pressure waves, lateral motion, and noise which arise at such high speeds, the car is fitted with a wind-tunnel tested aerodynamic fairing, stiffeners, and a cleverly sprung chassis. The guide rails are aligned in the hoistway using a laser. The transportation needs of a skyscraper's occupants - often several thousand people - are met by several groups of elevators controlled with great efficiency by the Schindler hall call destination system. A new development in the field of passenger recognition, SchindlerID, controls access and assists evacuation.

    Illustrations and a background report are available on the Internet at The report can be ordered in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish from the Media Relations Office.

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