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Time Investigates Moscow's Theater Seige

    London (ots) - This week's issue of TIME (Europe edition) features an investigation into the tragic events surrounding Moscow's theater siege. As early as Day One of the siege, diggers had been tunneling underneath the theater TIME Moscow bureau chief Paul Quinn-Judge reports.

    Spetsnaz or special commando troops, of the elite Alfa and Vympel anti-terror units of the Federal Security Bureau's military arm, manned positions around the building. Yet officials admit their hand was forced in the hours before dawn when the disciplined Chechens inside began shooting, as promised.

    "They killed a man and a woman," said Olga Chernyak, an Interfax news reporter among the hostages. "It happened right where I was. I thought they would kill us all." she told TIME. The theatre siege was the work of a generation of Chechens who feel they have nothing left to lose-and more such attacks are possible, Chechen sources told TIME.

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