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OuterBay Introduces ADM 3.0 for Cross-Enterprise Application Data Lifecycle Management

    Campbell, CA (ots) - New Suite's Benefits Include High Application Performance, Lower Storage Costs and Real-Time Access to Archived Data

    OuterBay today announced Application Data Management (ADM) 3.0, the industry's first integrated software suite to manage data growth across applications, databases, and storage infrastructure. ADM 3.0 includes new functionality that allows companies to take a lifecycle approach to managing data based on its value to the organization at a given point in time. The suite enables enterprises to monitor and forecast data growth, set and enforce data retention policies, and relocate or archive data to the most cost-effective storage class. Real-time user access to archived data allows companies to set aggressive data retention policies, and keep months, not years of data in their production environment. OuterBay customers cite performance gains of up to 70%, production database reductions of up to 60%, and annual storage savings in the millions of dollars.

    Today's Data Growth Requires Cross-Enterprise Application Data Lifecycle Management

    According to Charlie Garry, Senior Program Director at META Group, "Data is growing at 125% per year. In the typical enterprise, up to 80% of this data is inactive yet remains in production systems to cripple performance. And costs continue to climb as data growth outpaces decreases in the price of storage. To compound the problem, many of today's enterprises are in the midst of compliance initiatives that require the retention of more data for longer periods of time, as well as consolidation projects that result in significant data growth."

    The skyrocketing costs of data growth across the enterprise can no longer be effectively solved by the implementation of point- solutions. It requires an integrated, application data lifecycle management approach that reduces the complexity of both the application and storage environment.

    "Managing application data together with storage has become a necessity in today's business environment," said Anne Skamarock, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates. "This is where application data management and storage management must integrate seamlessly. OuterBay, one of the leadership companies in this space, is providing this level of integration."

    OuterBay ADM 3.0 First to Offer Cross-Enterprise Application Data Lifecycle Management

    OuterBay ADM 3.0 delivers the industry's first integrated software suite that meets these key requirements for application data lifecycle management:

    - Intelligence: unified view of data growth and ability to        
        monitor, forecast, and model data growth, retention policies,    
        and performance

    - Policy-based approach: ability to establish and enforce data      

    - Application-awareness: pre-packaged support for patches,        
        upgrades; Oracle, PeopleSoft modules

    - Integration: visibility and data management across your        
        application environment

    - Transparency: real-time access to archived data to allow for      
        aggressive archiving and data compliance with limited user        

    - Compliance: supports compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA,        
        SEC Regulations

    - Cross data types: support for structured and non-structured        
        data, application attachments, and content addressable storage  

    "The direction of OuterBay's new software suite is in line with our own data lifecycle management strategy," said Bob Vance, chief information officer at Tektronix, "which dictates that we take a proactive and enterprise-wide approach to managing data. OuterBay's set of integrated solutions and support provides a macro-level view of data, and the tools to address it across departments while ensuring no disruption to the business user." ADM 3.0 Components -- Building on Proven OuterBay Technology

    OuterBay ADM 3.0 integrates three proven OuterBay products for data growth monitoring, forecasting and policy management, data relocation and subsetting. New in this release, Developer Edition enables support for custom and customized applications.

    Application Resource Monitor

    Application Resource Monitor monitors, forecasts and models data growth to help create and enforce more sophisticated retention policies. Improved retention policies enable the enterprise to maintain optimum system performance, better utilize storage resources, and proactively manage storage costs.

    Instance Generator

    Instance Generator allows enterprises to create smaller, relationally intact subsets of their production database. The subsets provide more efficient test, development, staging and training environments to accelerate new initiatives, cut infrastructure costs, and enable enterprises to do more with existing resources.


    LiveArchive improves and proactively maintains critical application performance and stability. The solution reduces production database size and increases performance by identifying and relocating inactive data to an easily accessible database or file residing on more cost-effective storage. LiveArchive lets users access online data transparently, in real-time, using existing forms and reports. LiveArchive also reduces the downtime needed for worldwide consolidations and upgrades.

    Developer Edition

    Developers Edition extends support to custom or customized applications and databases. Developer Edition increases the ease of use by which application-aware plug-ins are created for the ADM 3.0 suite.

    ADM Support

    ADM 3.0 is extensible across all applications, databases, platforms, storage media and data types to provide truly enterprise-wide application data lifecycle management support:

         - Applications: pre-packaged support for Oracle, PeopleSoft      
            applications; extensible to other major enterprise or custom
            applications; roadmap includes support for Siebel, SAP and    

         - Databases:  Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase

         - Operating systems: Unix, NT, Solaris, AIX, Linux

         - Storage media: support for ATA and leading storage and server
            classes; extensible storage adapter layer

         - Data types:  Structured and Non-Structured

         - Open:  Support for Linux

    OuterBay ADM Solutions Generate Bottom-Line Impact in the Enterprise Global 2000 enterprises that implement Application Data Management 3.0 can expect performance improvements of more than 70%, reductions in production database size of up to 60%, reductions in upgrade outage windows of 42%, and annual storage cost savings in the millions of dollars.

    "OuterBay enables us to monitor, detect and diagnose data growth challenges before they occur and implement enterprise-wide policies to manage them," said Reggie Thurn, IT business analyst at Water Pik Technologies, Inc. "Specifically, we have been able to optimize application performance, lower overall storage costs, manage compliance with increasingly strict data retention policies, and reduce the downtime for a recent application upgrade."

    According to Michael Howard, chief executive officer at OuterBay, "OuterBay Application Data Management Suite 3.0 raises the bar for enterprise application data lifecycle management. Our customers and partners will benefit from a new approach to managing data that allows them to not only extend the life of their existing investments, but take advantage of emerging, cost saving technologies such as Linux servers and ATA-based storage."

    About OuterBay

    OuterBay's application data management solutions are a new class of application-aware infrastructure. OuterBay's Application Data Management Suite 3.0 (ADM 3.0) delivers an application data lifecycle approach to managing data. ADM 3.0 monitors, forecasts and manages data growth in application and database environments and takes action to maintain high service levels of performance and stability with no user disruption and real time, transparent access to data. OuterBay's products include Application Resource Monitor, LiveArchive(tm), Instance Generator(tm) and Developer Edition(tm). OuterBay's product suite is engineered to work with leading ERP, CRM, supply chain and custom applications as well as all major databases and reduces the total cost of ownership associated with enterprise application environments.

    OuterBay is headquartered in Campbell, CA, with offices in the United States, Europe and Australia. OuterBay's software is proven at some of the world's largest application implementations. OuterBay's customers include many of the Fortune 500 in industries that include high technology, manufacturing, and financial services. For more information on OuterBay's solutions, contact OuterBay at www.outerbay.com or 408. 340.1200.

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