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Annual Reports
JoWooD presents the results of the third quarter 2006

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@@start.t2@@•          Strongest quarterly EBIT of the year 2006
•          Sales revenues for the first three quarters 2006 doubled compared to the
            previous year
•          A settlement with the local authority of Rottenmann has been reached@@end@@

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear shareholders,

JoWooD’s third quarter has been positively affected by the release of strong products, such as "The Guild 2" and the delivery of "Gothic 3" to our distribution partners. Altogether, the sales figures of both of these titles developed exceptionally well. Since the end of 2005, this is the third positive quarter in a row. With an operating result before restructuring of TEUR 909, we have reached the strongest quarter of this year so far. The equity ratio amounts to extraordinary 48% excluding subordinated liabilities.

Sales revenues for the third quarter 2006 were increased by 262% up to TEUR 4.608. The operative result in the third quarter of 2006 amounts to TEUR 273 with a respective group result of TEUR 272.

We have reached a settlement with the local authority of Rottenmann, which provides a general adjustment of the differences regarding the lease object. According to this settlement, the lease contract will be terminated and several demands shall be settled. The settlement shall be validated in the upcoming session of the district council.

The financial effects of this settlement have precautionary been considered in the restructuring results of the third quarter. This resolution can further improve JoWooD’s overall cost structure significantly.

The nearly finished Add On to SpellForce 2, SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm, will against the original plan be released in the first quarter of 2007, in order to expand the gamer-basis for the main product over Christmas.

With "Freak Out - Extreme Freeride" JoWooD developed another, interesting title in line with the successful winter sports series "Alpine Ski Racing 2007". In order to further capitalise the segment and to provide the group of buyers of winter sports titles with an offer that covers the entire season, we decided to release this product after Christmas.

At the moment, "Alpine Ski Racing 2007", which we market in cooperation with our partner RTL, is in stores for this year’s Christmas trade.

Besides the winter sports titles, JoWooD took another step forward in implementing its positioning within the handhelds market by announcing its publisher status for the Nintendo® DS™ system a few days ago. This step is the consequent implementation of expanding our targeted gamer audiences to casual gamers and the corresponding growing segment. Already in the pipeline for the DS™ system are interesting titles such as "Life Signs" (a.k.a. "Tendo Dokuta 2") and "Neighbours from Hell 2", both to be released in the first quarter 2007 and the second quarter 2007, respectively. The teaserpage of "Life Signs" is already online at

The intended acquisition of Canada-based publisher Dreamcatcher results in interesting opportunities for the future of the consolidated company. An important aspect of this transaction is the immediate and significant enlargement of the product catalogue of both companies. The following, current titles of Dreamcatcher already contribute to the consolidated, European group turnover in the first and second quarter of 2007.

Q1 2007: Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express Aura 2 - Sacred Rings Genesis Rising

Q2 2007: Dead Reefs


Dr. Albert Seidl, CEO JoWooD Productions

Key Figures

@@start.t3@@All values in EUR 000                                        Jan - Sept 2006    Jan - Sept 2005
Sales                                                                              12.214                    6.312
Costs of goods sold                                                          -884                  -1.643
Development costs (exclusive of depreciation of games)  -478                  -1.300
Gross profit before depreciation of games                    10.852                    3.369
Depreciation of games                                                    -5.703                  -2.162
Gross profit after depreciation of games                        5.149                    1.207
Operating result before restructuring                            1.964                  -2.430
Restructuring result                                                         -561                 -16.594
Operating result after restructuring                              1.403                 -19.024
Result from ordinary operations                                      1.166                 -19.300
Result prior to minorities and changes in reserves        1.157                 -19.305
Group result                                                                    1.157                 -19.305
All values in EUR 000                                                09.30.2006            09.30.2005@@end@@

@@start.t4@@non- current assets                                                         3.008                        512
Cash on hand and in banks                                                7.192                        420
Accounts receivable others                                              8.942                  10.026
Total assets                                                                  19.142                  10.958
shareholders` equity                                                        9.145                  -8.763
Longterm accounts payable                                                3.783                    3.867
Longterm debts to banks subordinated                              3.714                          0
short term accounts payable                                            6.214                  15.854
Shortterm debts to banks                                                    202                    5.626
Advanced payments                                                                352                    1.021
Equity ratio                                                                        48%                         kA
All values in EUR 000                                      Juli - Sept 2006  Juli - Sept 2005
Sales                                                                                4.608                    1.757
Costs of goods sold                                                          -182                      -273
Development costs (exclusive of depreciation of games)      94                      -251
Gross profit before depreciation of games                      4.520                    1.233
Depreciation of games                                                    -2.187                      -249
Gross profit after depreciation of games                        2.333                        984
Operating result before restructuring                                909                         84
Restructuring result                                                         -543                  -5.605
Operating result after restructuring                                 366                  -5.521
Result from ordinary operations                                         273                  -5.576
Result prior to minorities and changes in reserves          272                  -5.577
Group result                                                                        272                  -5.577@@end@@

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