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The future of green power - achieving an energy revolution in challenging times

The future of green power - achieving an energy revolution in challenging times
Top-level networking and personal exchange at the 5th European Conference on Green Power Marketing 2007, 13 and 14 September 2007, Lausanne, Schwitzerland. Front: Dr Walter Steinmann, Direktor of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, Bern, Schwitzerland (left) and Bruno Hürlimann, Head of Sales and... mehr

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    On 1 and 2 October 2009, Geneva will be buzzing with energy, when
the vanguard of Europe?s renewables sector gathers at the 6th
European Conference on Green Power Marketing 2009 to tackle the
?future of green power?. The agenda is ambitious: how continue the
market expansion of former years in the ?challenging times? of today?
Geneva 2009 is set to pinpoint opportunities for growth despite the
economic downturn. After all, the crisis might act as a spur to RES
and give new impetus to an energy revolution already well under way.

    So far climate change, power supply security and market
liberalisation have been the issues dominating the debate on green
power and its promotion. But the EU?s ambitious 2020 targets,
expectations of a new global climate accord, and the increasingly
pressing need to ensure sustainable energy supply have shifted the
goalposts, making renewable energy a top concern of European
policies. The question is no longer how we can best promote and
market green power, but when green power will become the backbone of
the electricity supply.

    The current global economic crisis has raised new questions. It is
not that green power has become any less important. The increasingly
apparent consequences of climate change have strengthened the will of
political institutions to invest in renewable energy and energy
efficiency. But do the markets, and the market participants, share
this view? How can we ensure that the necessary investment is made in
sustainable energy? And what part do the state and the industrial,
energy and financial sectors play in all this?

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