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08.09.2020 – 07:00


Zur Rose and KPT together launch digital medicines assistant Medi+

Zur Rose and KPT together launch digital medicines assistant Medi+
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Bern and Frauenfeld (ots)

The new Medi+ service from Zur Rose supports patients in taking and managing their medicines. Medi+ makes it easier to deal with medicines, increases patient safety and helps avoid incorrect medication and the associated follow-up costs. KPT is the first health insurer to offer its patients a digital medicines assistant - free of charge.

Anyone who has to take medicines regularly knows that keeping track of them is a challenge. KPT customers now have a new free digital medicines assistant available round the clock, helping them to stay even more in control of their medicines and when they take them. Medi+ offers a range of handy functions that make dealing with medicines easier and safer.

Medi+ generates a personal medicines summary. With the user's consent, all medicines settled through KPT are displayed in the summary; others can easily be included on the list using a scan function. The summary also shows medicines already ordered from Zur Rose and prescriptions that have been submitted. So users of Medi+ always have an up-to-date summary of all the medicines they need to take - whether they are at home, or travelling. The application can also create a schedule of when medicines should be taken, with a reminder function. Follow-up online orders of prescription drugs at Zur Rose are easy, safe and economical with Medi+. But you don't have to buy your medicines from Zur Rose to use the application: people who are insured with KPT are at liberty to get their medicines from the doctor or from a pharmacy of their choice.

KPT CEO Reto Egloff sees great potential in the digital networking: "Medi+ makes it simpler for our customers to deal with their medicines every day - not least thanks to the simple data transfer from the KPTnet customer portal. KPT is making another major step forward in cooperative digital networking in healthcare."

Walter Hess, Head of Zur Rose Switzerland, adds: "With Medi+ we are offering customers and patients a service that is safe and that permanently improves the supply of medicines. Together with KPT we are providing a further contribution to making the healthcare system more efficient and therefore cheaper."


Pascale Ineichen, Head of Corporate Communications Zur Rose Suisse AG
Direct line +41 52 724 08 18 | Email

Beni Meier, Head of Corporate Communications KPT
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