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EANS-Adhoc: HTI: Revenues and result in Q2/2012 improved opposite Q1/2012 - Positive operative result for 2012 expected - Change to the mid market auction as of September 2012

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St. Marien / August 29, 2012 - HTI High Tech Industries AG, currently listed at
the prime market of the Vienna Stock Exchange ('HTI') for  the  second  quarter
2012 reports on a substantially better business development than for the  first
quarter 2012. Hence, revenues increased by 10.1% to EUR 51.3 million during the
second quarter 2012 (after EUR 46.6 million for the first three  months  2012).
Also the operative earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization
(EBITDA) increased in quarter comparison 2012 from EUR 0.1 million to  EUR  2.2
million; the EBIT improved from EUR -2.7 million of the first quarter  2012  to
EUR -0.6 million during the second quarter 2012.

Due to a weakening economy in the course of the first half-year  2012  HTI  was
faced with a slowdown of business in comparison to the  first  half-year  2011.
Compared to last year, HTI's revenues decreased during the first half year 2012
by 7.6% from EUR 105.2 million of the first half-year 2011 to EUR 97.8 million.
The operative earnings before  interest,  tax,  depreciation  and  amortization
(EBITDA) were EUR 2.4 million (after EUR 9.2 million  of  the  first  half-year
2011). The operative earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) decreased in half-
year comparison from EUR 4.1 million to EUR -3.2 million.

Considering the current market environment  and  based  on  the  pending  order
situation HTI expects revenues at least  on  last  year's  level  and  positive
operative earnings for the whole year 2012. On strategic level  the  HTI  Group
focuses on the Group's further  development  towards  becoming  a  diversified,
integrated technological Group. "Considering the  current  global  development,
the  diversification  of  risks  and  the  identification  of  synergies   gain
increasing importance. Therefore diversification and integration  are  powerful
tools for boosting our earning power and our company value effectively and on a
long-term basis", comments HTI CEO Peter Glatzmeier on the  strategic  outlook.
Beyond that, HTI also strives for even better market penetration via  strategic
partnerships and cooperation partners.

As of September 2012 HTI will be listed at the mid market auction  segment of
the Vienna Stock Exchange. The Mid Market Auction is the proper market segment
for the company in order  to  harmonize  listing,  trading  and  administrative
efforts towards achieving an appropriate cost-benefit ratio and  to  comply  to
the rightful demands of the shareholders in regards to transparency.

|                                                  |       |1-6/201|1-6/201|
|                                                  |       |2      |1      |
|Revenues                                          |MEUR   |97.8   |105.2  |
|Operative earnings before interest, tax,          |MEUR   |2.4    |9.2    |
|depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)            |       |       |       |
|Operative earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) |MEUR   |-3.2   |4.1    |
|Earnings before tax (EBT)                         |MEUR   |-6.4   |1.9    |
|Net result after tax                              |MEUR   |-6.4   |2.2    |
|Earnings per share                                |EUR    |-0.14  |0.08   |

Indicative announcement for financial reports:

HTI High Tech Industries AG announces  that  the  half-yearly  financial  report
2012  was  published  and  is  available  for  download  underhttp://www.hti-

Further inquiry note:
HTI High Tech Industries AG
Peter Glatzmeier
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HTI High Tech Industries AG
Nadja Goyer 
Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
Phone: +43 3862 304-8562

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