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Total sales up 21.6%, to TEUR 41,620 - EBITDA +11.4%, to TEUR 4,296 - EBIT increases by 15.3%, to TEUR 1,653 - Acquisitions of HTP Skinline, Theysohn and Technoplast concluded - Sales target in 2008 of about EUR 200 million

St. Marien/Vienna, May 15, 2008. The first quarter of the current business year 2008 of HTI High Tech Industries AG featured the formal conclusion of the acquisitions of HTP Skinline (Plastics Processing segment) and Theysohn (Mechanical Engineering segment). In addition, HTI AG has pressed ahead with its market penetration of the Eastern European growth region by setting up a subsidiary for form molding in Brasov, Romania, thus laying the groundwork for further organic growth.

In the first three months of 2008, total sales rose 21.6%, to TEUR 41,620, up from TEUR 34,232 in Q1 2007. Earnings before non-recurring items, interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) improved by 11.4%, to TEUR 4,296. The earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) rose 15.3%, from TEUR 1,434 to TEUR 1,653. Due to the disadvantageous exchange rate developments of the British pound and the US dollar, expenses involved in the expansion and transfer of the Gruber & Kaja plant to St. Marien, the integration of HTP Skinline and the restructuring of the German business operations following cancellation of a large contract, the operating margin declined slightly compared to the first quarter of 2007. The EBITDA margin in the period January - March 2008 was 10.3% (Q1 2007: 11.3%), whereas the EBIT margin amounted to 4.0% (Q1 2007: 4.2%). Earnings before interest and tax (EBT) decreased from TEUR 744 to TEUR 349. On balance, consolidated net profit fell from TEUR 683 to TEUR 311. Due to the increased number of outstanding shares, amongst other reasons, earnings per share in the first quarter of 2008 were EUR 0.02 (Q1 2007: EUR 0.06).

The Metals Processing segment raised its total sales to TEUR 16,163 in the first three months of the 2008 business year, up from TEUR 11,836* in Q1 2007, although full production capacity had not yet been reached due to the transfer of the Gruber & Kaja machinery from the former production site to the new location in St. Marien. The segment´s results from operating activities amounted to TEUR 800 (Q1 2007: TEUR 450*), with the EBIT margin at 4.9% (Q1 2007: 3.8%*).

In the Plastics Processing segment, despite the delay of several contract orders called upon by customers, segment sales remained at the same level as the comparable period of the preceding year. All in all, sales in the first quarter of 2008 amounted to TEUR 19,678, up from TEUR 19,569. The above-mentioned restructuring in connection with the cancellation of a large contract in Germany, the one-off investments and start-up costs related to the new plant construction in Slovakia, the founding of the Romanian subsidiary and the integration of HTP Skinline had a negative impact on earnings of the Plastics Processing segment. In the first thee months of 2008, EBITDA amounted to TEUR 2,081 (Q1 2007: TEUR 2,364), whereas EBIT was TEUR 204 (Q1 2007: TEUR 531).

The Mechanical Engineering segment is the smallest of the three industrial core segments in the HTI Group in terms of sales, but the most profitable. It posted total sales of TEUR 5,869 (Q1 2007: 2,827*), but contributed a disproportionately high share of Group EBIT. The EBIT of the Mechanical Engineering segment, at TEUR 737, represents an EBIT margin of 12.6%.

The Other segment primarily encompasses the business activities of HTI AG and ProRegio Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG. The earnings before tax of TEUR -290 is chiefly related to holding expenditures and the interest expenses on the corporate bond issued by HTI AG. ProRegio has held the new 10% shareholding in Carbo Tech Composites GmbH since the end of the 2007 business year.

The initial consolidation of the Theysohn Group will probably take place as of April 1, 2008, whereas the Technoplast Group will be consolidated as of May 1, 2008. For the 2008 business year as a whole, the Management Board of HTI AG expects total sales to be about EUR 200 million with corresponding earnings margins, on the basis of organic growth and further acquisitions.

@@start.t2@@Key HTI Group indicators (IFRS)                          1.1.-31.3.2008
Total sales                                 TEUR                         41,620              34,232
Plastics Processing segment        TEUR                         19,678              19,569
Metals Processing segment          TEUR                         16,163              11,836
Mechanical Engineering segment  TEUR                          5,869                2,827
EBITDA                                         TEUR                          4,296                3,858
EBIT                                            TEUR                          1,653                1,434
EBT                                              TEUR                              349                  744
Consolidated net profit for
the period                                  TEUR                              311                  683
EBITDA margin                              %                                    10.3                 11.3
EBIT margin                                 %                                      4.0                  4.2
EBT margin                                  %                                      0.8                  2.2
Consolidated earnings margin      %                                      0.7                  2.0
Earnings per share                      EUR                                  0.02                 0.06

Balance sheet total                    TEUR                        199,087            171,255
Equity                                         TEUR                         45,878              44,466
Equity ratio                                %                                    23                    26
Gearing                                        %                                  166                  112
Capital expenditure                    TEUR                          4,071                1,711
Depreciation and amortization    TEUR                          2,643                2,424
Gross cash flow                          TEUR                          2,472                3,176
Net cash flow from operating activities
                                                  TEUR                         -2,800                  991

Average number of employees        Total                         1,209                  998
Total gross income/employee        TEUR                                34                    34

* Only 2 months results included in 2007 due to the date of consolidation.@@end@@

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