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Orange launches loyalty offers on the web

Mobile telephone or free minutes

    Lausanne (ots) - For the first time, Orange customers are now able to select their very own personalized loyalty offer on the Internet. Customers can choose from benefits such as a new mobile telephone at a reduced price or monthly free minutes. Orange is the first and only mobile telephone operator to provide personalised loyalty offers on the Internet.

    Orange customers have been able to manage their subscriptions using the Internet for some time, as long as they have first registered at With this new service, customers can order their own personal loyalty offer on-line at any time in the "my account" section. They are also able to choose between a new mobile phone or free minutes and subsequently receive the new mobile phone by post.

    The new feature comes in addition to the existing comprehensive functions available with on-line management at  In this way, customers no longer need to ring up customer service to find out about their individual loyalty offer. Orange is proud to be the first and the only mobile telephone provider in Switzerland to offer its customers this option.

    Orange rewards the loyalty of its customers either with a reduction (up to 100%) on the price of a mobile telephone or with monthly free minutes for a period of 12 months and for calls to all Swiss networks. The individual customer profile determines either the number of monthly free minutes without an extension to the contract or the reduction in price of a mobile telephone with an extension of 12 or 24 months.

On-line management of your price plan

Orange customers who have registered at can make use of a wide range of account management functions through the Internet, making it possible to monitor every aspect of their mobile telephone account. The following options are available in the "my account" section:

function                          options
Category: billing

my bills                         - access to the last three mobile telephone
                                      - detailed view available for download as PDF

                                         or in CSV format for use with MS Excel
                                         account statement
                                      - for CHF 5 each, you can order detailed  
                                         copies of the last 12 monthly bills

payment method                - details and forms about how to pay mobile
                                         telephone bills by Yellownet, direct debit,

                                         e-banking, payment order or credit card
                                         account usage latest calls
                                      - detailed view of the calls you have made
                                         since the last bill
                                      - available for download in CSV format for
                                         use with MS Excel

summary of usage            - summary of charges for services used since
                                         the last bill

view remaining units      - detailed listing of the units you have
                                         already used and the number remaining for  
                                         price plans with inclusive minutes, SMS,
                                         MMS, data volume, etc.

category:  manage account
function                          options

address                          - view stored user and billing address

my options                      - summary of subscriptions taken out and
                                         other additional subscription services
                                      - option to subscribe to additional services

information                    - summary of account information such as  
                                         subscription holder, current price plan,
                                         commencement date, billing schedule,
                                         services provided

security code                 - set and change the security code for "my

category: offers (NEW!)
function                          options

a new mobile telephone  - personal offer of a selection of mobile
                                         telephones available by on-line order at a
                                         reduced price

free minutes                  - personal offer of a specific number of free

                                         minutes per month for calls to all Swiss  
                                         networks for a period of 12 month

category: SOS mobile
function                          options
block my line                 - on-line blocking of the SIM card if the
                                         mobile telephone is lost or stolen

request my PUK code        - on-line request for the unblocking code
                                         (PUK) if the mobile telephone has been
                                         blocked by entering the incorrect PIN code
                                         three times.

Orange customers who have registered at can also use e-mail, SMS, MMS, a calendar and address book on-line as well as configure WAP services.

You can find out more about the loyalty offer, on-line account management and other Orange offers at:

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