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Efficient mobile work with the SPV M1000 by Orange: Mobile phone and PDA

    Lausanne (ots) - Orange is supplementing its SPV offering with the SPV M1000, a personal digital assistant that can also makes calls. The SPV M1000 offers the user when using professionally a fast synchronisation of data from company server. This allows him constant access to his emails, calendar appointments, contact data and task lists, no matter where he is. As a Pocket PC it also makes it possible to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. Company-specific applications can also be installed as additional software. Employees who work remotely are able to access all important company data and therefore the company's competitiveness can be increased considerably.

      The latest Orange Signature Device is a PC that makes calls and
fits neatly in the pocket. With the SPV M1000 you can meet all your
mobile work needs with applications otherwise only found on a desktop
PC or laptop: Pocket Word and Pocket Excel handle documents, while
PDF files and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can be viewed on
ClearVue PPT and ClearVue PDF and Pocket Internet Explorer allows you
to surf the Internet. And as with previous SPV devices, the SPV M1000
gives you anytime on your way access to the firm's server and
therefore to current e-mails, calendar entries, contacts and task

    Aside from functionalities enabling efficient work on the go, the Orange SPV M1000 offers a whole raft of other functions: Orange Backup and Orange Update, Pocket Explorer text and voice notes, photo and video camera, MMS, MSN Messenger, MP3 player, photo contacts, album for pictures and video, etc.

    The large touch screen (240 x 320 pixels) makes using all these features a breeze. Text input can be achieved either by using handwriting recognition or the virtual keypad.

    The function keys can be individually programmed, according to the user's need. Each user can access the applications (e.g. email) with pressing only one key, which ever he personally uses most. The "detour" through the navigation menu is not necessary anymore.

    For businesses of all sizes

    The SPV M1000 by Orange works with the Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 operating system. This not only guarantees faultless data synchronisation with PCs or servers for company employees, it also means an end to high IT integration or support costs for the company thanks to the high standardisation of Microsoft products... unlike solutions where the operating system differs on servers, PCs and mobile devices.

    "The Windows Mobile Platform makes it possible for businesses to equip their increasing number mobile employees with tools and solutions that guarantee a seamless work experience in the office, at home or on the move. Mobile solutions on this basis offer intuitive functionality in a familiar environment and in this way make their contribution to improved productivity and the company's success," comments Ingo Gerster, Manager Mobile Solutions at Microsoft Switzerland.

    With or without use of the company's own MS Exchange or Lotus Notes server, the SPV M1000 is suitable for the mobile one-man business, as well as companies with hundreds of employees. In collaboration with its specialist partners, Orange offers every business an economical mobile business solution. A broad range of solutions is likewise available with company-specific, additional software thanks to the Microsoft Windows-supported operating system. Software solutions specially developed for businesses are also available and make the Orange SPV M1000 the ideal work tool for mobile working business people.

    Price & availability

Cost of SPV M1000 according to choice of Orange price plan:

- without new Orange price plan                                CHF 999.00
- with Personal 30, 12-month contract                      CHF 709.00
- with Personal 30, 24-month contract                      CHF 619.00
- with Personal 100/Advanced, 12-month contract      CHF 629.00
- with Personal 100/Advanced, 24-month contract      CHF 549.00

    The SPV M1000 by Orange is available in the 37 Orange locations throughout Switzerland and can only be used to its fullest capacity with a Swiss Orange SIM card.

    For more details about the SPV M1000 by Orange and offers for business customers please visit:

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