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More Orange for CHF 1: Innovative option offers greater freedom for leisure calls

    Lausanne (ots) - 30 minutes of mobile calls every day to the Swiss Orange network and the Swiss fixed network for just CHF 1 per day - now available to Orange customers with the Everyday 30 option. That means that for the first time Orange is reducing the per-minute price for standard mobile calls in the evening, at weekends and on public holidays to less than CHF 0.04. So, from 2 June 2003, for just CHF 1 per day, customers can use their mobile phone for longer than ever before.

    The Everyday 30 option costs CHF 30 per month. For that, Orange customers with an Orange Personal or Orange Advanced price plan can make 30 minutes of standard mobile calls to the Swiss Orange network and the Swiss fixed network per day between 7pm and 7am and throughout the day at weekends and on national public holidays. That means 30 minutes of mobile calls per day for CHF 1. Customers who take full advantage of the Everyday 30 option can therefore make an average of 900 minutes of calls each month for a price of less than CHF 0.04 per minute.

    The Everyday 30 option can be activated at any time for a minimum of 30 days by calling Orange Customer Care (0800 700 700). If customers wish to deactivate the option for a certain time after the minimum period, they can do so just as easily and at any time. The charge will then be made on a pro-rata basis for the period when the option is active. What is more, customers who take up the new Everyday 30 option by 15 July 2003 will be able to make a whole hour of calls for CHF 30 during the first month.

    With the Everyday 30 option, Orange is expanding its innovative range of options designed to reflect the personal needs and calling patterns of its customers. With Everyday 30, customers who like to make mobile calls in their leisure hours to loved ones, friends and relatives can take their time, because for CHF 1 per day they can make 30 minutes of mobile calls (for example, an Orange Personal customer can talk 12 times longer for the same price).

Price plan    Calls to the Swiss Orange network and the Swiss
                    fixed network

                    WITHOUT Everyday 30    WITH Everyday 30

Personal        2.5 minutes = CHF 1    30 minutes = CHF 1        12x longer
Advanced          5 minutes = CHF 1    30 minutes = CHF 1         6x longer

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