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Crèche for the children of employees of Orange

    Lausanne (ots) - Having managed the project to set up a crèche for the children of employees in Lausanne, Orange Communications SA opened its doors on 19th August to take in some 44 small children. To celebrate the event and to see the place for themselves, the canton and municipal authorities, as well as the parents and children, have been invited this Saturday 9th November to the official opening. In this difficult economic context, Orange Communications SA is thus demonstrating its intention to resolutely look to the future.

    The roughly 100 guests were delighted with this nice, friendly crèche, while a show featuring clowns and balloons was laid on for their visit. They listened to Mme Anne Giroud, Head of the Juvenile Protection Department of the canton of Vaud, say that "the company of tomorrow will listen to the needs of its employees and their family". Mr Oscar Tosato, Municipal Councillor responsible for the Children, Youth and Education Department, for his part, stated that "the city of Lausanne is pleased with its partnership with Orange, which has led to an agreement guaranteeing the long-term existence of the "les Lucioles" crèche". As for Mr Christian Luginbuhl, Head of Human Resources for Orange Communications SA Switzerland, he explained his company's intentions, namely "wanting to take on its citizenship role by not only assisting and accompanying the children in their daily lives, but also employees in their roles as parents".

    The "Les Lucioles" crèche enjoys easy access, since it is located about a hundred metres from the World Trade Center, to the north of the city where Orange has its offices. It is located in a villa that has been specially converted to respond to the needs of those who use it. It accepts children from the end of their Mums' maternity leave until they go to infant school. Thus, from 4 months to 4 and a half years of age, children are looked after by a team of nine qualified staff, who are both experienced and chosen with care. The crèche is designed to answer to the needs of working parents and is therefore open from Monday to Friday, from 7.30 am to 6.15 pm. The children are split into three age groups: the oldest, between 2 and 4 and a half years of age, moved in at the beginning of September; the toddlers - 1 to 2 years of age -were already there in mid-August. As for the youngest occupants, from 4 to 12 months, they have been attending the nursery since mid-September. Priority is given to children of Orange Communications SA employees in the new crèche, which even has its own garden.

    Not a new step for Orange Communications SA

    The opening of the "Les Lucioles" crèche is more than just a trial run for Orange Communications SA. In Zurich, the mobile phone operator is a member of the association that runs the "Frechdachs" crèche (which literally translates as "cheeky raccoons"). This collaborative effort allows Orange Communications SA to offer places in an already existing structure to the children of employees. Just like "Les Lucioles", the Zurich crèche also looks after three age groups.

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