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With reference to the Ad-hoc announcement of 16 May 2013 Kommunalkredit Austria
AG informs:

Kommunalkredit Austria (KA) has been advised by the Austrian Ministry of Finance
that the European Commission has accepted the Republic of Austria's offer to
cease KA's new business. As stated in the Ad-hoc announcement of 16 May 2013
Kommunalkredit will therefore not engage in new financing business in the
future; existing transactions as well as transactions under offer will continue
to be fully serviced. Equally, KA will conduct market-based refinancing
activities and continue its advisory services in accordance with todays reported
decision of the European Commission. Partial sales of business activities are
possible. Implementation resolutions will be taken by KA at an extraordinary
general meeting. Existing commitments, in particular the prohibition of dividend
payments for profit-based own funds instruments, remain in effect. 

Language: German, English

Issuer: Kommunalkredit Austria AG
        Tuerkenstrasse 9
        1092 Vienna      
        Phone: +43/1/31 6 31-678
        Mail: investorrelations@kommunalkredit.at
        Web: www.kommunalkredit.at

Sector: Banking


XS0285503248, XS0252707624, AT0000329859, DE0002490505, XS0373257590,
XS0340901908, XS0336932065, XS0302365134, XS0299062389, XS0286031777,
XS0271821513, XS0270872640, XS0267998481, XS0261832942, XS0255439803,
CH0025662831, XS0253410236, XS0252786669, XS0252593198, XS0241451581,
CH0024015452, XS0236776877, XS0235597068, CH0022280058, XS0219327524,
XS0218834843, XS0218474533, XS0215839019, XS0215865287, XS0214981812,
XS0214564972, XS0213230047, CH0020669583, XS0212122534, XS0211496590,
XS0210167218, XS0205974701, XS0197387953, XS0187975262, XS0186736228,
CH0017447787, XS0180539420, XS0176120268, XS0163624504, XS0104786263,
XS0100920353, XS0495988072, XS0591640155, XS0592235187, XS0687890441

Stock exchanges: Vienna, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Zurich

Further inquiry note:
Kommunalkredit Austria AG
Treasury - Investor Relations 
Dinah Reiss
1092 Wien/Vienna, Türkenstraße/Tuerkenstrasse 9
Tel./Phone: +43/1/31 6 31-678
Fax: +43/1/31 6 31-505 oder/or 99678
Mail: d.reiss@kommunalkredit.at

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issuer:      Kommunalkredit Austria AG
             Türkenstraße  9
             A-1092 Wien
phone:       +43 1 31 6 31
FAX:         +43 1 31 6 31 105
mail:     kommunal@kommunalkredit.at
WWW:      www.kommunalkredit.at
sector:      Banking
ISIN:        -
stockmarkets: stock market: Wien 
language:   English

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