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Second 'Jumbo' from Kommunalkredit proves another hit: AAA-rated loan with EUR 1 billion placed with investors in around 20 countries

    Vienna (ots) - The second Jumbo loan offered by Kommunalkredit Austria, a covered bond with EUR 1 billion that features an AAA rating from Moody's, has proved yet another dazzling success. The books were closed with a 60% oversubscription (so as not to exclude the Asian region, they were not closed after one day's subscription period). Kommunalkredit's CEO, Dr Reinhard Platzer: 'Investors from around 20 countries have subscribed to our security. With our own excellent long-term ratings and financial-strength (individual) ratings, as well as the loan's AAA rating, we are an attractive partner on the international capital market. With the current Jumbo loan, we can now offer investors an assessment instrument that ranks among the top European covered bonds. We will use the additional billion to further improve our excellent positioning on our core markets.'

    Kommunalkredit's Jumbo, which was unveiled at roadshows at the end of February, was subscribed to by investors from all over Europe and Asia (Germany 20%, UK and Ireland 17%, France 16%, Switzerland 14%, Japan 8%, Benelux countries 8%, Central Europe 7%, Austria 5%, other countries 5%). European central banks also showed great interest. This segment subscribed to over 10 per cent of the loans. Investors include renowned international funds.

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