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Internet Telephony Software buddyPhone with Update 4.0:/ The best telephone suppliers worldwide for calls over the web on all networks

    Hamburg / San Diego (ots) - From today the new version of the American software buddyPhone is on the Net. Anybody who wants can test the telephony software free of charge. What does the update offer? With buddyPhone telephone calls can be made free from PC to PC. Videoconferencing is also just as free. What is new is the possibility of making telephone calls from a PC over the worldwide network at extremely low prices.

  "All calls - whether from PC to PC or to a telephone connection - have the usual buddyPhone quality", says the CEO Nikolai Manek from San Diego in California. BuddyPhone offers connections at the best prices for most countries in the world. For calls inside Germany the caller pays two US cents, and also for a call to the USA only two US cents per minute. "This makes buddyPhone the cheapest telephone company in the world", boasts Nikolai Manek, who in the past has already turned the internet service provider market upside down with his undercutting prices.

    It was Henrik Pfluger who invented the program in 1999. At the time, he was a student in Mannheim. "Since then, things have happened", Manek points out. "Over the last few months, we have been concentrating on extending the program." The software and hardware backbone of buddyPhone is provided by Oracle, Cisco und Sun. Despite all the technology, version 4.0 is simple to understand and use.

    The operation of buddyPhone is just as easy as a mobile phone. Dialling is carried out by clicking with the mouse on an on-screen keyboard. There is also a button for "picking up" and for "hanging up" and a list in which every caller is recorded. If you are calling a telephone from your PC you just type the normal telephone number in the keypad of the PC. Picking up the virtual receiver costs less than a fixed landline telephone call. There is no monthly rental or even connection fees. The call charges can always be found out immediately online. And: not just images and sound but also files can be transmitted using drag&drop. Users download buddyPhone software 30,000 times a month. Every day, five million minutes are spent on buddyPhone calls. Critics are unanimous: Simple application, free service, good voice quality. buddyPhone Inc. founded in October 2001 has its headquarters in San Diego, California.

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BuddyPhone Inc.
PO Box 927093
San Diego
CA 92192-7093
Phone +1/888/249'1010
Fax    +1/858/777'1819
E-mail: info@buddyphone.com

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Karin Cofalka
Deichstrasse 29
D-20459 Hamburg
Phone +49/40/3690'50'36
Fax    +49/40/3990'50'10
E-mail: k.cofalka@hoschke.de

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