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UB Video Announces The World's First H.26L-Based Video Processing Solution On The TMS320C64x Digital Media Platform

UB Video Announces The World's First H.26L-Based Video Processing Solution On The TMS320C64x Digital Media Platform For Real-Time Video Communication Applications

    Vancouver, BC (ots) - UB Video Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for video communications, announced today the availability of UBLive-26L-C64, the world's first H.26L-based video processing solution on Texas Instruments' TMS320C64x digital media platform, for real-time video communication applications, allowing users of such applications to enjoy excellent video quality on the existing low-bandwidth network infrastructure.

    UB Video's UBLive-26L-C64 is a complete video processing solution that has at its core an efficient TMS320C64x implementation of the emerging H.26L video coding standard. UBLive-26L-C64 provides essentially the same video quality as H.263 or MPEG-4-based solutions for as little as 50% of the required bandwidth. The substantial savings in bandwidth would translate into a much more enjoyable viewing experience for users in many real-time video communication applications, such as video conferencing and video telephony.

    "UBLive-26L-C64 is an ideal solution for real-time video applications such as video conferencing not only because it provides the world's first H.26L encoder/decoder implementation on the most powerful digital media processor platform, the TMS320C64x, but also because it effectively addresses the three long-standing problems of real-time video communication applications: low bandwidth, high delay and low reliability." said Dr. Faouzi Kossentini, President and CEO of UB Video. "Using UBLive-26L-C64, UB Video will enable high-quality, real-time video communication applications and services over the existing network infrastructure" he added.

    UB Video will demonstrate UBLive-26L-C64 during March 13-15 in the Texas Instruments booth at the Embedded Systems Conference, San Francisco.

    About UB Video Inc.

    UB Video is a leading provider of video processing software solutions for real-time video communications applications. The company's UBLive family of leading edge software solutions is designed to improve substantially the visual experience of real-time multimedia communications applications on Desktop PCs and embedded platforms, over the existing network infrastructure. UB Video's standard-compliant video processing solutions feature superb picture quality, high efficiency, and the most complete set of functionalities. For more information, please visit UB Video's web site at www.ubvideo.com

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