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Cycos AG’s annual results exceed expectations (D)

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With annual revenues totalling 10.81 mill. Euro, Cycos exceeds the planned revenues figures of 10.22 mill. Euro revised in June 2001. Investments in R&D and sales & marketing, however, led to negative EBIT of -4.62 mill. Euro.

Alsdorf, 05/03/2002 A successful 4th quarter contributed significantly to the annual results. With results totalling 3.186 mill. Euro in the 4th quarter 2001, Cycos increased revenues by 11.9 % compared to the same period in the previous year (2.847 mill. Euro in 4th quarter 2000).

Order receipts increased by 32.5 % to 3.251 mill. Euro in the 4th quarter 2001 (2.454 mill. Euro in 4th quarter 2000). Not included herein was a one-off R&D order of 1.038 mill. Euro in 4th quarter 2001. EBIT for the 4th quarter 2001 totalled -0.675 mill. Euro, compared to -1.549 mill. Euro in 4th quarter 2000).

With a consolidated turnover of 10.81 mill. Euro, results for 2001 were just below the results of  2000 (11.60 mill. Euro in 2000). Unlike its competitors, Cycos managed to master the recession through its position on the market, strategic extension of sales partnerships as well as a stringent consolidation policy.

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Branche:        Software
ISIN:            DE0007700205
WKN:              770020
Börsen:         Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse, Bayerische
Börse, Börse Düsseldorf, Hamburger Wertpapierbörse,
Handelsüberwachung der Berliner Wertpapierbörse, Niedersächsische
Börse zu Hannover, Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse

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