Ethertronics Unveils Multi-Band Embedded Antenna For Wireless LAN Applications At 802.11 Planet Conference

CEO Bruce Gray Scheduled To Speak On Optimizing Wireless LAN Coverage

    SAN DIEGO, CA (ots) - Ethertronics, a developer and manufacturer of high performance embedded antennas for personal and industrial wireless devices, unveiled its newest embedded antenna solution for low profile, multi-band wireless local area networking (WLAN) products at this week's 802.11 Planet Conference in Philadelphia, PA. The company's GY embedded antenna for WLAN devices delivers one of the industry's first single solutions for seamless integration from 802.11b to 802.11a networks, irrespective of application.

    Designed for short-range wireless computing networks such as 802.11 a/b, HomeRF, Hyper LAN/2 and WiFi, the new GY embedded antenna is ideally suited for use inside WLAN peripherals such as PC cards, mini-PCI cards, portable digital assistants (PDAs), USB-attach and "dongle" devices. A single GY antenna covers 2.400-2.485 GHz, 5.150-5.350 GHz and 5.725?5.825 GHz ISM band applications used in U.S., European and other industry standards. Dual-band capability allows OEMs to migrate their existing customer base from 802.11b to 802.11a with fewer product SKUs to manage, and allows end customers to upgrade to the faster 802.11a standard without buying new hardware. In addition, the GY model offers 30% higher performance, up to twice the range and greater isolation properties compared to competing embedded antenna solutions.

    Ethertronics' CEO, Bruce Gray, has been invited to present an 802.11 Planet session on "Optimizing WLAN Coverage with High Performance Antennas" on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 at 1:30-2:30pm in Room 201A. "Ethertronics foresees a wireless future in which the average consumer will use WLANs and wireless personal area networks (WPANs) to conduct the most routine computing tasks such as checking email, printing files and synchronizing data across multiple devices," said Bruce Gray. "In order to achieve the stylistic and performance needs of these mobile consumers, OEM product designers need to develop small, power-saving, networked devices that deliver maximum link integrity and reliability even in noisy, multi-path environments. Our patented embedded antennas offer the highest performance and signal strength in the smallest footprint."

    Key Integration Advantages

    The GY embedded antenna offers OEM product designers flexible and cost-saving integration advantages:

    - Multi-band Capability - the GY model allows OEM product designers to integrate a single embedded antenna for use across several WLAN frequency bands, rather than combining multiple antennas, which would severely add to PCB space requirements and cost.

    - Spatial Diversity - due to the GY's high isolation properties, the antenna elements can be placed in close proximity with reduced risk of coupling from one to another. This extends network range, enhances mobility and improves signal quality.

    - Integration Flexibility - with its low profile (3 mm above the PCB) and high isolation, other RF components can be mounted in close proximity to the GY. This offers exceptional space-saving advantages inside a tight product enclosure, often without the need for additional matching components.

    All of Ethertronics' products feature proprietary and patented antenna "shaping technology" which controls and re-directs the near-field electromagnetic pattern of the antenna. This "shaping technology" allows for optimal antenna performance by improving signal strength and data quality inside buildings, in noisy environments and in fringe network coverage areas. For product and ordering information, please contact the Ethertronics Sales Department at 858-550-3820 or

    About Ethertronics

    Headquartered in San Diego, Ethertronics designs and manufactures the industry's leading embedded antennas for personal and industrial wireless devices, such as phones, PDAs, laptops, WLANs, GPS receivers and Bluetooth devices. Led by an experienced team of antenna experts and senior executives in the wireless communications industry, Ethertronics has developed proprietary and patented high performance embedded antennas for global product manufacturers. For more information about Ethertronics, visit the company web site at:

    (c) 2002 Ethertronics. All rights reserved. The Ethertronics logo is a registered trademark; G Series, J Series, M Series, antennas for people and Shaping Antenna Technology are trademarks of Ethertronics. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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