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Best quarter in the Company's history

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•	14.6 per cent sales growth
•	EBIT margin: 27.9 per cent

quarterly report

Wiesbaden (euro adhoc) - P&I Personal & Informatik AG increased overall sales in
the first nine months of fiscal 2012 / 2013 (April 1 to December 31) by 14.6 per
cent to 60.9 million euros (previous year: 53.1 million euros) and recorded
earnings before tax and interest (EBIT) of 17.0 million euros (previous year:
13.4 million euros) This represents an EBIT margin of 27.9 per cent (previous
year: 25.2 per cent). The result before depreciations amounted to 19.0 million
euros. The P&I Group is pleased to announce a result of 14.3 million euros after
tax (EAT) and the Group also employed an average of 357 employees (FTE).

"Having already exceeded the 20 million euros sales level for the first time
ever during the second quarter of this fiscal year, we have once again shown
during the quarter that has just finished that we are a well-established,
successful company that is able to exploit profitable growth opportunities",
declared Vasilios Triadis, Chairman of the Board of Directors at P&I, "We will
proceed this in future".

The licensing business grew organically by 16 per cent to 15.3 million euros
when compared to the same period in the previous year and this represents a 25
per cent share of total Group sales. The maintenance business has developed as
planned and revenue amounted to 25.3 million euros (previous year: 21.8 million
euros) and 42 per cent of the P&I Group's sales were generated by the recurring
maintenance business. 

Our service business also recorded sales of 17.3 million euros, which represents
growth of 6 per cent when compared to the sales recorded during the same period
in the previous year. 28 per cent of the overall P&I Group sales were generated
from this business sector. The remaining sales were acquisition-related and
these have grown to 2.9 million euros. 

Sales recorded by our international businesses grew from 10.8 million euros to
15.4 million euros and this figure represents 25 per cent of the Group's overall
sales income as P&I realised domestic sales of 45.5 million euros (previous
year: 42.3 million euros), which represents 75 per cent of total sales. 

The increase in sales (7.8 million euros) corresponds with a recorded increase
in costs totalling 4.3 million euros, which mainly arose from the acquisition of
MIRUS Software AG, who were not a member of the P&I Group during the comparable
period in the previous year as well as cost increases directly related to the
increase in the number of employees. However, the overall costs ratio has been
reduced when compared to the previous year and this is reflected in the EBIT
margin, which has increased to 27.9 per cent.

All in all, P&I can restate its forecast for the 2012/2013 business year of
overall sales totalling 80 million euros after taking into account the
acquisition of Mirus Software AG, the realisation of Licensing sales in the 18 -
20 million euros region as well as an EBIT margin of virtually 26 per cent,
which is the same level as that recorded during fiscal 2011/2012.

Further inquiry note:
Andreas Granderath
+49 (0)611 7147-267

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