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SKIN NOVA TECHNOLOGY - Revolutionizes the World of Cosmetics

    Volketswil (ots) - JUVENA of Switzerland is the first cosmetics company world-wide to integrate technology from the field of emergency medicine into skin care products. The basis for this technology is the research work of Professor Odile Damour*, head of the Laboratoire des Substituts Cutanés in Lyon (FR) and authority in the field of biological skin reconstruction. Her techniques are used primarily on patients with severe burns, for whom, as a result of the lack of healthy skin, a complete skin graft is not possible.

    After three years of joint research, JUVENA of Switzerland has succeeded in integrating Professor Damour's original technology into a cosmetic formula. The result of this unique cooperation between cosmetics and emergency medicine is the soon-to-be patented SKIN NOVA TECHNOLOGY for the permanent support of the skin's own renewal process. This technology is the basis of the new skincare line JUVEDICAL comprised of one serum, one day and one night cream (available as of beginning of April 2004).

*Excerpts of Professor Damour's Bibliography

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Honors & Awards

- Best Thesis award in Medical and Biological Engineering,   University Lyon 1, 1998 - Best Thesis award in Medical and Biological Engineering,   University Lyon 1, 1999 - Pierre Fabre award, best young investigator,   Cellular Pharmaco-Toxicological Society, 1999 - Chevalier de l'Ordre de la legion d'honneur, 2000

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