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Distribution Agreement between Swissbit Ltd. and Mosel Vitelic Inc. for Europe

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    Bronschhofen (ots) - Since 1 October 2001 Swissbit Ltd. is the new Distributionpartner of Mosel Vitelic in Europe. Mosel Vitelic, with Headquarter in Taiwan,  is one of the top 10 DRAM manufacturer in the world, with a revenue of USD 880 Mio. in 2000.  Mosel Vitelic designs, manufactures and markets dynamic RAMs (DRAMs), Flash and slow, low power static RAMSs (SRAMs). The main memory DRAMs are manufactured at ProMOS Technology Inc. in Hsinchu Taiwan, using advanced CMOS, 0.17 micron process technology. ProMOS is a joint venture 8-inch/12-inch fab between Mosel Vitelic and Infineon. The company also assembles its DRAMs into memory modules.

    Swissbit has already concluded succesful a partnership agreement with Siemens Switzerland Ltd. concerning the sales activities for the Memory Products area. With a production of over three million memory modules each year, Swissbit is one of the top 3 suppliers in Europe. The comment of the trade press about the quality of our modules: „Precise as a Swiss watch, correct programmation and without any complaint." The Partnership with Mosel Vitelic complets and optimizes the range of Swissbit's productspectrum. The partnership is focussing the important European market and increases effectively the servicelevel and support to the European customers. This will strength the Market Position of Swissbit Ltd. additional.

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