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Introduction of the electronic Hungarian portal system and Knowledge Department Store

    Nagykovácsi, Hungary (ots) - Hungary's new portal system called Electronic Hungary (URL: was on 15th November. The system will host the common information and communication centre of four Hungarian intelligent regions, five intelligent counties, five intelligent smaller regions and more intelligent villages. Regional information society development strategies and operational programmes have already been prepared for two thirds of the Hungarian counties.

    The e-mo portal will be introduced at 10 a.m. on 21st November 2001, at an international press conference in Pallas Páholy, Budapest. On the e-mo portal, industrial parks, clusters, e-public service, e-economy, intelligent civil societies, the youth, social welfare issues and other fields of activity will also have their own portals. This portal system will also host Central Europe and Hungary's first on-line Knowledge Department Store, where, by the middle of 2002, the knowledge material of about 500 scientists, developers and inventors will be on sale. Each professional featuring in the Knowledge Department Store will have the chance to open their own home page during the coming weeks.

    An additional service, to be launched in January 2002, will be the Marketplace of  Inventions. An English language version of the e-mo portal is being developed and is to be introduced gradually. It will introduce the European regions, the information society strategies of the EU, and the European information strategy projects. The e-mo portal system is supported by Incopark Consortium, which contributes to the development of technology parks, as well as Knowledge Valley (Tudásvölgy) virtual company, which was established to provide intelligent content service.

    The professional co-ordinator of the portal system is the Institute for Strategic Research Kht., which in December 2000 gained financial support from MEH Informatics Commission (Hungarian Communication Authority) for setting up the e-mo portal and Knowledge Department Store.

    The portal developer and operator of e-mo is Offers Hungary Ltd. The editorial office of e-mo is in Budaörs, in the Industrial and Technology Park, since they are co-operating to turn it into a science park. In the long run, the portal wants to become Hungary's best-known and most widely used on-line medium of information society development and the presentation of new knowledge. At the same time, it wishes to keep an e-gate open towards the European Union.  

    Csaba Varga     Managing director     Zoltán Csörgo     Managing director

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