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WORLD PREMIERE: A Swiss classic in a luxury dress

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    Ibach (ots) - Victorinox and Bonfort present the premiere of the world's most exquisite pocket knife. The two Swiss companies combine functionality and exclusivity to create a unique accessory. The Swiss pocket knife covered with up to 800 flawless diamonds melds quality with style and elegance to form a product that meets the greatest demands.

    From an indispensable daily companion to a sparkling star with     brilliance and glamour

    The quality products from the Swiss cutler Victorinox are testimony to and examples of 120 years of highly regarded Swiss quality craftsmanship around the world. But never before have these valuable daily wizards been presented in such noble dress.

    Bonfort, a Swiss luxury refinement company, created the "Collection Victoria" to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Victorinox.  Bonfort lent the hallmark product sparkle and glamour by employing another art form the Swiss have perfected - working with diamonds.

    In conjunction with Victorinox, the designers of Bonfort transformed the pocket knives into luxury, functional accessories with the artistry and skill of Swiss goldsmith craftsmanship. Refined with a platinum or yellow gold finish and set with up to 800 flawless diamonds, it is the most valuable pocket knife in the world and turns the daily companion into a dazzling icon.

    The pocket knives of the "Collection Victoria" series are truly the most exqusite in the world.

    120 years of expertise and tradition

    With the anniversary of Victorinox, a part of Switzerland is turning 120 years old. To celebrate this milestone, Bonfort collaborated with the traditional Swiss company to create the "Collection Victoria". The exquisite pocket knife could be realised thanks to this cooperation and the resulting fertile combination of solid business know-how and creative pioneering spirit.

    Why? "Maybe because it has already saved so many lives, because it has helped expeditions to outer space achieve success or because it is a regular fixture in daily life? Or simply because there was no way more appropriate to celebrate the 120-year existence of Victorinox," said Carl Elsener Jr., CEO of Victorinox and great-grandson of the founder, Karl Elsener, and his wife Victoria Elsener, after whom the collection is named

    "Collection Victoria"

    The "Collection Victoria" is limited to 120 pieces worldwide and consists of two pocket knives with 11 or 7 functions [e.g. blade, corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener, screwdrivers, awl, tweezers, scissors and others]. All functions are ornately adorned with diamond engraving. The serial number of each masterpiece in this limited series is also engraved on the blade. The artistically crafted shells are made of pure platinum 950 or yellow gold 750 and inset painstakingly by hand with flawless diamonds.

    The large, 91mm-long original officer's knives - Série I - are decorated with up to 800 diamonds set in classical and beautiful pavé style over the shell with a total weight of about 20 carats. The knives in the smaller collection - Série II - are 74mm in length and decorated with 429 diamonds weighing about 4 carats, set in vertical lines on the cover of the pocket knife.

    40 unique pieces will be produced for Série I and 80 for Série II. Both are timeless and ultimate luxury accessories for lovers of luxury and exclusiveness.

    The "Collection Victoria": A new status symbol

    These pocket knives are the ultimate luxury product, rare and unique, featuring a combination of ultimate craftsmanship and functionality, attributes which set new standards on the luxury goods market. The knives of the "Collection Victoria" are a new status symbol, the ultimate personal product for those who adore the special things in life. The first 8 pieces have been already reserved.

    The pocket knives of the "Collection Victoria" series are available at select jewellers or directly from Bonfort at prices from CHF 39,000 to 129,000.

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