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FirstMark Communications: negotiations with investors and partners continue

FirstMark has first-class expertise, good infrastructure and modern technology

    Hanover, Germany (ots) - FirstMark Communications (FMC), Europe-wide provider of broadband Internet solutions, is continuing to negotiate with investors and potential partners.  Provisional insolvency administrator confirms good prospects.

    The company applied to go into insolvency at the start of August. "FirstMark got caught up in the general downward spiral in the telecommunications market," explains Stefan Mueller, Managing Director of FMC Deutschland. Nevertheless, the future will belong to broadband applications, even if the broad target group of SMEs is cautious at present. "Expertise, technology and infrastructure are all available", the provisional insolvency administrator Reinhard Muehl confirms.  The well-developed xDSL structure, the WLL network and the highly-skilled call centre are also especially well suited to a successful cooperation or integration. A partner would have an outstanding opportunity of gaining a foothold, or expanding their position, in the German market.  FMC is currently holding intensive negotiations with several interested parties. (

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