Women's ancient dream is being fulfilled: A cream to reduce wrinkles / Successes after only six months - A new success for the Breiter Group

    Ingolstadt, Germany (ots) - The first signs of aging lines gave the famous US film star Gary Cooper ("High Noon") even more distinctive features, for women of a certain age however they can be the cause of great unhappiness. Since Cleopatra, women have been dreaming of a cure to the visible aging process. According to details given by Breiter Cosmetics in Ingolstadt these dreams can now be fulfilled by a cream, which they are bringing onto the market after exhaustive studies - both in vivo (on living "subjects") and in vitro (laboratory). The high quality ingredients have managed to achieve a reduction of up to 68 percent in the depth of lines, and in individual cases a reduction of 70 percent, stated the company on Monday.

    A total of 35 women took part in the in vivo study over periods of two, four and six months. A placebo and a commercial product with five percent Vitamin C were also used. The newly developed active agent for Breiter Cosmetics' product achieved by far the best success rates in the course of the study. The clinical assessment on the change in depth, length and thickness of the lines is to be handed over to a dermatologist, said the company.

    In the past three years the Breiter Group has brought a large number of innovative products onto the market. Among others this includes "Megaweiss" tooth whitening powder made from a natural active ingredient from the mangrove blossom, the highly effective bleaching agent for age spots and freckles, "Mela Clear N" made from the bear grape, the "Life Deo Special capsules" against mosquito bites and bad odours. "Citro-Max N", a high-roughage product from citrus fibre and Indian curry pumpkin as an ideal accompaniment to diets, the "Chocolate reduction food" with all important vitamins and minerals for "melting away" those extra pounds and "Body-styler capsules" with a keep-slim effect.

    The company was founded on 2nd April 1977 by Uli Breiter. For 16 years the firm has been active in development, research and production in the spheres of medicine and cosmetics technology. Breiter-Group became well known throughout the world for its movement, stimulation current and coloured light therapies. Since 1994 small and home therapeutic equipment has been produced for the end user market. The company has around 100 top sellers in the new tele-shopping market. The products are also sold through chemists' shops and catalogue warehouses. Current sales are at the multi-million level.

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