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31.08.2001 – 11:07


Learning from the past for tomorrow's Europe

    Hamburg, Germany (ots)

On September 1, 2001 a new actor will enter the European stage of historical culture - EUSTORY. Exactly 62 years to the day after the outbreak of the Second World War, partner organisations from 14 European nations will join to form an international network, under the leadership of the Hamburg Körber Foundation. All these organisations are holding independent history competitions in their respective countries. Together, they are promoting the "disarmament" of history, as well as tolerance and understanding throughout Europe.

    "When all of us in Europe begin to learn about one another's history, and to tell our own history in a way that's understandable and more easily acceptable to others, then we'll be on the way to a truly European perspective of history." This is one of the core statements of the EUSTORY Charter, the official policy document agreed on by the member organisations of the network and summarising their approaches to history. The Charter underlines the significance of history for each individual and thus for our living together in Europe, and is intended to initiate a trans-European dialogue on political history. The complete text of the Charter is freely available on the Internet.

    The main goal of EUSTORY is to guide young people towards an independent and critical approach to their particular history by means of historical research competitions. In addition to these young people, history teachers, historical researchers and experts have been internationally integrated in the network, which so far comprises 14 civic organisations from Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and Wales.

    The Körber Foundation, which is co-ordinating the EUSTORY network, has been holding the German History Competition on behalf of the German Federal President since 1973. The other network partners are prestigious institutions; the Russian competition, for example, is organised by the internationally well-known MEMORIAL association.

EUSTORY The committees: Executive Committee

Dr. Bogdan Murgescu, Bucharest, Romania Jim McGonigle, Helensburgh, Scotland Dr. Svein Lorentzen, Trondheim, Norway Dr. Wolf Schmidt, Hamburg, Germany Alicja Wancerz-Gluza, Warsaw, Poland

Executive Director

Gabriele Bucher-Dinc Körber Foundation, Hamburg

    The Körber Foundation

    The private and non-profit Körber Foundation has been committed for decades to furthering international understanding through historical and political culture as well as science and research. As an operating foundation, the Hamburg organisation initiates and finances its wide variety of activities itself. The projects are intended to tackle current issues and, in particular, support people who want to play an active role in shaping our society.

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Gabriele Bucher-Dinc
Executive Director EUSTORY
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21033 Hamburg
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