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The Leipzig Construction Trade Fair: Russian companies and communes seek cooperation with Western Europe

Leipzig (ots)

Renovation solutions and investors needed
In Russia, interest in cooperation with
West-European construction companies is growing. The need for
know-how transfer is particularly great. This was the message from
Leipzig Trade Fair participants returning from a presentation trip in
Russia in preparation for BauFach 2001.
The focus will be on Russia at this year's Leipzig Construction
Trade Fair to be held from 24 to 28 October. Companies and communes
from the regions of Samara/Volga, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov and
Karelia, besides those from Moscow and St Petersburg, will be
introducing themselves in Leipzig. Russia's intensified construction
and renovation activities promise attractive business prospects for
foreign investors.
Alexander A. Latkin, deputy governor of the Samara region, is
seeking to encourage imports of Russian products. 'With natural
stone, aluminium and wood products, our region offers a competitive
product range. Therefore, we are interested, above all, in the
certification of our products for Western Europe.'
There is bustling construction activity in connection with the
1,000-year festival in Kazan. 'However, we lack suitable materials
for road construction', admitted Piotr S. Rybalkin, departmental
manager of the local authorities. Moreover, efforts are focused on
finding solutions for cost-effective housing construction. Each year,
4,000 urban flats are required for the re-housing of families alone.
Further key urban-construction areas include the renovation of old
buildings, monument protection and the refurbishment of hotels. 'At
BauFach 2001, we hope to meet interested companies and find
solutions', stated Rybalkin. Boris Pavlov, head of the economics
department, pointed out they had interesting technology that could
attract joint ventures. According to Pavlov, the city is seeking
investors or contractors for many projects.
The authorities in St Petersburg are also looking for construction
contractors and property companies. According to Alexander V. Lobanov
from the St Petersburg Construction Committee, property constructors
are offered long-term and favourable credit terms that normally would
not be available. Furthermore, the authorities in St Petersburg are
keen to gain experience in the modernization of prefabricated
'There's a construction boom in certain parts of Russia, like the
one at the beginning of the 1990s in Moscow', according to Werner M.
Dornscheidt, managing director of the Leipzig Trade Fair. 'This is
the chance for Western Europe to establish cooperation links.'
BauFach 2001 makes it easier for West-European companies to form
contacts by offering, inter alia, an interpreting service, a contact
stock exchange, an international meeting of companies as well as
workshops to deal with legal and tax-related questions. In addition,
Russia is providing information on import regulations, licensing for
the Russian market as well as employment opportunities in Russia.
Overall, the Leipzig Trade Fair is expecting 50 exhibitors from
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