Swiss pharmaceutical industry sets new standards in the protection of laboratory animals

Swiss pharmaceutical industry sets new standards in the protection of laboratory animals
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    The global research-based pharmaceutical companies of Switzerland are setting new standards in animal research. In a charter they commit to further improving conditions in animal studies and the protection of laboratory animals. The aim is to replace as many animal studies as possible, to minimize the number of experimental animals used and to reduce the stress to which these animals are exposed. These efforts and objectives apply worldwide and are binding on all partner organizations that conduct animal experiments on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Animal legislation in Switzerland is one of the strictest worldwide and, in the field of animal experiments and animal husbandry the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland already meets the highest standards. Now the member companies of the industry association Interpharma are seeking to further improve and extend the protection of laboratory animals within their global sphere of influence. Last week, they declared their commitment to a 10-point charter.

    The main objectives of the companies: Novartis, Roche, Merck Serono, Actelion, Bayer Schering Pharma Switzerland, Cilag and Vifor is to replace even more animal studies with other methods, to keep the number of animals used as low as possible and to further reduce the stress to which these animals are exposed before, during and after the studies. To this end, the companies are planning, amongst other things, to develop and promote improved continuous education and further training of their employees.

    The Swiss pharmaceutical industry is also demanding additional efforts from those companies that are contracted to keep animals or carry out animal studies on behalf of the industry. To ensure that these intentions are translated into action, the companies are also seeking to have their progress measured and monitored. They promise strict internal audit procedures, which will also be applied to their external research partners, and world-wide compliance with the agreed standards of animal protection. The companies are making a commitment to promote the development of evaluation procedures and the inspection of their facilities around the world by independent external organizations. Finally, they want to cultivate and improve dialogue with the public both about animal research and animal welfare. The signatories to the charter will publish an annual report on progress in the field of animal experiments.

    Interpharma - Association of research-based pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland: Novartis, Roche, Merck Serono, Actelion, Bayer, Vifor & Cilag

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