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Advancing into new dimensions - sda launches News in English

Berne (ots) - Since 100 years the Swiss News Agency (sda) has been distributing information in the three national languages German, French and Italian. From April 2012 onwards an advance into new dimensions is to be made: For the very first time in it's history the sda will be dispersing English language news.

During the preliminary testing phase, customers who subscribe to this service will receive from Monday to Friday daily 15 to 20 sda-reports on important news in politics, economy and mixed topics concerning Switzerland.

As always the national newsagency offers a politically neutral, fact based and up-to-date menu of news. The reports will be assembled based on the existing content. The fact that the sda posesses the know-how to produce multilingual services has been proven in it's long history.

The sda is confident, that in the course of globalisation, the demand for english language news has grown considerably in the last few years. Switzerland is a hub for many international organisations and businesses. Furthermore, as a country of tourism, Switzerland is very popular amongst people from the Anglo Saxon region. And lastly the demand of the media for English language news has risen, as customer surveys in the recent past have shown.

The sda English language service is targeted at employees of international businesses and organisations, that are of English mother tongue and who are located in Switzerland temporarily or for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the sda wants to appeal to print media, internet portals, airlines, airports, hotels, train stations, mountain railways, tourism offices, congress organisers, embassies and schools with this service.

The sda English language reports can be supplemented by international reports. The German partner agency, dapd, offers an extensive menu of news which is based on the reports of the globally active American news agency Associated Press. sda distributes this English language service in Switzerland.

sda will send the English language news to the customers as XML-coded reports or via e-mail. People interested in the service may contact:


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