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e-mission 55

Flying the flag for climate protection
International business initiative "e-mission 55" demands implementation of Kyoto Protocol

Bonn (ots)

As a clear declaration in support of the climate
agreements of Kyoto, an international business initiative for climate
protection is currently being formed in the run-up to the UN Climate
Conference in Bonn (16 to 27 July 2001). "e-mission 55 - Business for
Climate" has been founded by e5, the European Business Council for a
Sustainable Energy Future. Its aim is to request negotiating parties
at the Climate Conference in Bonn to draw up clear political
resolutions in favour of the Kyoto Protocol. The objective is to
attract at least 55 companies that are prepared to play a
constructive role in the climate debate. A series of PR events and
actions is planned within the scope of the conference in Bonn.
The initiators include Deutsche Telekom AG, Gerling-Konzern and
Solar World AG. "e-mission 55" consists of the components "emission",
"mission" and "55", whereby 55 stands for the number of countries and
the percentage of emissions from industrial states which, according
to the Kyoto Protocol of 1997, are necessary to put the climate
agreement into force. At the same time, the objective is to win 55
international companies that are willing to sign a "Business for
Climate Declaration" together with the initiators.
The initiative wants to send a signal from the business world to
politics in order to push the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.
Economic disadvantages such as those forecast by the US government
for instance, are not feared by participating companies - on the
contrary. The companies see investments in climate protection as a
way of promoting innovations and safeguarding the future on a
competitive basis. The initiative plans a range of actions and events
before and during the UN Climate Conference in Bonn. The "Business
for Climate Declaration" will be presented within the scope of a
business round-table in Berlin on 5 July.


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