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The Swiss Watchmaking Year - a new editorial dynamic for the 2002 edition strengthens the position of the title as an undisputed leader on the watchmaking press scene.

L'Année Horlogère Suisse / Das Jahr der Schweizer Uhren / The Swiss Watchmaking Year

    Geneva (ots) - For its ninth edition due to appear in December this year, the SWISS WATCHMAKING YEAR, the watchmaking press leader, has appointed Michel Jeannot of the BIPH to the post of Chief Editor.

    Between 1994, when the first edition appeared, and 1999, Michel Jeannot and Pascal Brandt, the two founders of the BIPH, determined the editorial line of the SWISS WATCHMAKING YEAR with their great technical knowledge of watches in general and of the Swiss watchmaking world in particular. For six successive years, their expertise and professional competence did much to establish the credibility and high quality of the SWISS WATCHMAKING YEAR. The 2000 and 2001 editions added an international media dimension, thanks in no small measure to the energies of an editorial team consisting of Gérard Sermier, the Chief Editor, and Steve Axentios, Deputy Chief Editor.

    In parallel, distribution of the title was broadened to include new international markets, in particular the USA, the Middle East and Asia, and the verified circulation now stands at 25,448 copies.

    To accompany this success, the SWISS WATCHMAKING YEAR, with its sights firmly set on the future of the watchmaking industry, has strengthened its editorial platform by appointing Michel Jeannot, of the BIPH - Watchmaking Information and Press Bureau - as the new Chief Editor of the SWISS WATCHMAKING YEAR. Gérard Sermier for his part is joining the editorial board.

    Our new Chief Editor is an acknowledged and widely known journalist. Quite apart from his senior responsibilities in the BIPH, which he will now assume in his own right, he  was also the Deputy Chief Editor of the Journal Suisse de L'Horlogerie. In addition he has contributed to, and signed many articles appearing in Montres Passion, Chronos, Gold'Or, Europastar, Bilan, NZZ and Le Temps.

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