IMOCOS launches WAPJAG bookmark function worldwide
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    Osnabrück, Germany (ots) - IMOCOS International Mobile Content Service AG has extended its online portal with a bookmark function. The innovative service boasts unique features, namely the bookmark function which enables WAPJAG users to gain swift access to contents of the mobile Internet. By registering once with WAPJAG under, users can store as many links as they like both in the WAP and in the Web to important addresses in the mobile Internet, which are also not lost if they change their mobile phone. Users set up their personal favourites, which can also be seen as a preview via the 'Virtual WAPJAG' online WAP browser, conveniently and at a reasonable price on the Internet portal, and can go back to them quickly and easily from their mobile end device.

    "In the mobile Internet, fast, uncomplicated access to contents has a high priority for the user. With the WAPJAG bookmark function, a new quality and a high degree of user friendliness has arrived in the world of the WAP", explains Christian Ihmels, CEO of IMOCOS AG.

    The WAPJAG bookmark function offers users an optimum level of clarity. The links can be selected immediately in the display. The function also contains all the necessary features for customising bookmarks to individual requirements. By way of example, it is possible to change the order of the link listing, new links can be added and those that are no longer needed can be deleted.

    With WAPJAG, IMOCOS AG is focusing on the independence of the mobile end devices. For example, to access bookmarks from someone else's mobile phone or a new mobile phone, the user only needs his login. WAPJAG has also been subjected to a re-launch with regard to its appearance and content in order to achieve a further increase in performance.

    Brief company profile of IMOCOS International Mobile Content Service AG

    IMOCOS AG was founded in December 1999 as WAPJAG.COM AG. The innovative start-up company is now the provider with the most comprehensive and best-sorted WAP search engines, which have been specially designed for mobile end devices. With more than 40 search engines in 18 languages at present, the system contains more than 95% of the mobile Internet pages available so far worldwide. IMOCOS supplies content with its own database. It is the leading international database for generating and operating WAP search engines.

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