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July 2002 - FRA Traffic Figures: Frankfurt Airport Again Records Clear Increase In Air Cargo Tonnage

Fraport AG Expects Passenger Figures To Rebound Soon

    Frankfurt (ots) - Traffic figures for July show that Frankfurt Airport (FRA) received about 4.6 million passengers, or 5.7 percent fewer than in July 2001.  The growth in passenger figures expected in the third quarter of 2002 has not yet materialized, particularly because of the restrained demand for flights and package tours during the traditional vacation month of July. Fraport AG's forecast for the total year 2002 remains unchanged; the decline in passenger traffic is expected to be in the low one-digit percentage range.

    Nevertheless, Frankfurt Airport again recorded clear growth in airfreight during July, as in the preceding month  - an important early indicator of development in the world economy in the coming months.  Handling some 127'500 metric tons of air cargo in July, FRA achieved 4.6 percent growth compared to the same month last year. Intercontinental connections with the Far East and North America were the decisive growth generators.  Tonnage carried between Frankfurt and both of these markets grew by a strong 14 percent in July.

    Aircraft movements at FRA almost reached last year's level, declining only 0.3 percent to 40'988 takeoffs and landings in July 2002.  Because airlines deployed smaller aircraft to meet passenger demand, FRA's Maximum Takeoff Weights (MTOWs) declined 3.5 percent to about 2.2 million metric tons in July versus the same period last year.  

         Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for July 2002
                          July 2002    Change (2)  Jan.-July    Change (2)
                                                July 02/         2002          Jan.-July
                                                July 01                            02/01
    Passengers         4.6          -5.7%          27.5          -4.5%
    in millions
    Airfreight      127.5            4.6%         851.1          -1.8%
    in thousands of
    metric tons
    Airmail            11.3            1.1%          80.2          -0.2%
    in thousands of
    metric tons
    Aircraft          40.9          -0.3%         263.5          -1.3%
    Movements (1)
    in thousands
    MTOWs          2,238.6          -3.5%    14,201.6          -5.3%
    in thousands of
    metric tons
    Punctuality      75.5                              80.5
    share of punctual arrivals
    and departures in percent
    (1) Excluding military flights
    (2) Rate of change based on unrounded numbers

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