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January 2002: Traffic Figures Show Upward Trend at Frankfurt Airport

    Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - Frankfurt Airport's (FRA) traffic figures for January 2002 clearly show that the decline in passenger figures at Germany's largest airport has bottomed out.  In January 2002, FRA welcomed 3.3 million passengers, a decline of still 6.2 percent over the corresponding month last year. FRA experienced overportional growth in January 2001 -- when about 3.5 million passengers and 10 percent growth over January 2000 were registered. Fraport AG still recorded declining passenger traffic in October and November 2001 at FRA, with a drop of 13.9 percent and  10.9 percent, respectively. In December 2001, FRA's  passenger figures declined by only 7.9 percent.

    Along with the strong economy, the main factor contributing to the overproportional comparison base of January 2001 was the so-called "millennium effect".  Many passengers delayed their travel plans because of the changeover to the new millennium. From 2000 to 2002, there was even an average annual increase of 1.6 percent. Passenger volumes in the first two weeks of February 2002 confirm that figures are running only about two percent below the corresponding figures for 2001.

    In January 2002, intercontinental traffic increased from Frankfurt Airport to South America, particularly to Brazil, Chile and Venezuela. The number of passengers flying to these countries reached 79,800, growing 4.8 percent over the same month in the previous year. Some 434,500 passengers traveled from FRA to North America, a 7.7 percent decline over January 2001. This follows declines of 30.4 percent in October, 16.6 percent in November and 8.2 in December of 2001 -- also confirming an improvement.    

    As for domestic traffic, Fraport AG had about 485,000 passengers at FRA:  56,000 fewer than for the same reporting month in January 2001 (8.8 percent decline). This compares with a 16.4 percent decline in October, an 11.4 percent decline in November and a 12.1 percent decline in December. FRA continued to experience a strong decline in passenger figures for flights to Islamic states, the Middle East and North Africa.    

    Frankfurt Airport handled 105,400 metric tons of airfreight in January, versus 113,800 metric tons (7.4 percent decline) for the same month in 2001: Despite the weak global economy, a noticeable trend is developing here too.  Aircraft movements dropped by 2.5 percent to 35,800 takeoffs and landings in January 2002. Some airlines, following the events of September 11, deleted routes. The Maximum Takeoff Weights at FRA even fell by a total of 6 percent, as airlines met the economic situation and passenger demand by deploying smaller aircraft.

    Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for January 2002

                    January 2002    December 2001  January 2001  Change 2
                                                                                          Jan. 02/
                                                                                          Jan. 01

    in millions  3.3              3.2                    3.5                -6.2 %

    in thousands
    of metric
    tons          105.4          123.5                 113.8                -7.4 %

    in thousands
    of metric
    tons            12.4            13.7                  12.1                 2.0 %

    Movements 1
    thousands    35.8            33.8                  36.7                -2.5 %

    in thousands
    of metric
    tons        1,920.5        1,878.1              2,043.9                -6.0 %

    share of
    punctual arrivals
    and departures
    in percent  78.2            70.6                  80.1

    1 Excluding military flights     2 Rate of change based on unrounded numbers

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