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08.07.2004 – 07:00

Unilabs SA

Unilabs strengthens its position in Switzerland and Spain

Geneva (ots)

Unilabs announces the signature of an agreement
taking effect on August 1st 2004, under the terms of which it is
buying an anatomical pathology laboratory located in a Swiss town
where it already owns a laboratory specialised in the same field of
activity.  The annual turnover is around CHF 2 million.
Unilabs has also strengthened its position in Spain by winning a
tender for the management of the laboratory of a 100-bed clinic
located in Almeria (Andalucia) belonging to the Sanitas group, the
second biggest Spanish insurance company.
The Unilabs group, listed on the Swiss Exchange since 1997, is the
leading European clinical laboratory testing group with over 1500
employees operating in 5 countries.
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Edgard Zwirn
Executive Chairman
tel. +41/22/909'77'77