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BKW becomes sponsor of Swiss-Ski

Bern (ots) - Swiss-Ski and BKW have entered into a three-year sponsorship agreement. BKW is therefore stepping up its commitment to talented young athletes, amateur sport and elite sport within its sports sponsorship activity. By supporting Swiss-Ski, BKW is consolidating its position as a national energy service provider and raising its profile beyond energy supply. BKW will also contribute its expertise in sustainability and energy efficiency in order to work with Swiss-Ski to further promote these issues in Switzerland.

BKW will support Swiss-Ski from 1 May 2015 for a minimum of three years. BKW and Swiss-Ski are united by their close links to the mountains, nature and the Swiss population. As one of Switzerland's largest and most successful sporting associations, Swiss-Ski brings together eleven disciplines under one roof: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski-jumping, Nordic combined, biathlon, snowboarding, ski cross, free ski, moguls, aerials and telemark. This winter sports sponsorship will not only benefit athletes, but also Swiss-Ski's more than 100,000 members, as well as customers, employees and partners of BKW. Members of the Swiss-Ski association will in future receive attractive offerings related to energy efficiency from BKW.

This commitment to Swiss-Ski marks a new direction in BKW's sponsorship strategy, which will in future focus on fewer sponsorship activities. This will allow the company to meet its ambitious communication objectives in a challenging market environment under continued cost pressure.

National commitment to the Swiss Alpine region, international reach BKW and Swiss-Ski have pledged to promote sustainable and ecological development in the Alpine region. The most important sustainability issues and their impact on the environment, business and the community will be assigned strategic importance. Potential examples include energy-efficient infrastructures for lifts, snow-making equipment, temporary structures and properties, as well as green electricity, carbon offsetting, reducing litter and encouraging people to switch to public transport.

This sponsorship activity underscores BKW's strong roots in the Alpine region as well as its national positioning in line with its strategy. BKW aims to work with Swiss-Ski to benefit from the association's international focus and to draw on the widespread popularity of winter sports in Germany, Italy and France to further raise its profile in those countries, too.

// Information for media representatives: Swiss-Ski and BKW cordially invite you to attend an official photo session with Suzanne Thoma, CEO of BKW, and Urs Lehmann, President of Swiss-Ski, at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday 10 January 2015 in the BKW Lounge at the World Cup village in Adelboden. Martin Schweikert, Head of Communications at BKW, and Stefan Brütsch, Head of Marketing at Swiss-Ski, will also be on hand to answer any questions and to provide background information.


Stefan Hofmänner
Head of Media and Communications
E-mail: stefan.hofmaenner@swiss-ski.ch
Tel. +41 31 950 62 03

Murielle Clerc
Deputy Head of Media Relations
E-mail: murielle.clerc@bkw.ch
Tel. +41 58 477 51 07

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