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BKW sells interest in Jungfraubahn Holding AG

Bern (ots) - BKW is selling its interest in Jungfraubahn Holding AG to several investors. The planned transaction will extend BKW's financial scope and accelerate the drive to build up new business fields. This supports BKW's new business focus as a provider of comprehensive energy and infrastructure services.

The transaction involving the sale of BKW's stake to several investors will be carried out with due consideration to the statutary restrictions and shareholder agreements. BKW holds 10.3 percent of the shares in Jungfraubahn Holding AG.

The statements contained in this press release constitute expectations and forward-looking statements. Because these statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, actual future results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by the expectations and statements. This text is published in German, French, Italian and English. The German version is authoritative.

BKW Inc.

The BKW Group is a leading Swiss provider of energy services. It employs more than 3,000 staff, supplies with its partners around one million people with electricity, and covers all stages of the energy chain: from production and transport to trading and sales. In addition to pure energy supply, BKW develops, implements and operates comprehensive energy solutions for private and commercial customers, as well as for energy utility companies and local authorities. It is also committed to programmes focusing on research and development of innovative technologies aimed at ensuring a sustainable secure energy supply.

Jungfraubahn Holding AG

Jungfraubahn Holding AG consists of eight subsidiaries and is listed on the Swiss SIX Exchange. The main activity of the Group is the operation of excursion railways and winter sports facilities in the Jungfrau region. Customers are offered and adventure in the mountains and on the train. The Jungfraubahn Group defines three business segments: Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe, Winter Sports, and Mountain Experience. It has forged a strategic alliance with Berner Oberland-Bahnen AG in order to exploit synergies.


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