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Mühleberg nuclear power plant
Scheduled annual revision work begins

Bern (ots) - BKW AG yesterday shut down Mühleberg nuclear power plant (MPP) as scheduled to enable annual revision work and refuelling to take place. This revision work is set to last nearly four weeks.

Key aspects of the 2013 annual revision will be extensive repeat testing and inspections of the interior and exterior of the reactor pressure vessel, performed using qualified testing systems. As well, revisions and testing work will be carried out on security systems, turbines and generators, electrical protection and control systems, as well as on transformers. As part of the preventive maintenance, one generator will be examined and six of the 57 control rod drives will be replaced.

Moreover, pipeline weld seams and the core shroud will be inspected with the use of ultrasound test systems. This year, 36 of the 240 fuel elements will be replaced. During the annual overhaul, 340 BKW employees will be assisted by 700 external specialists from the region, from Switzerland and from abroad.


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