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BKW AG Executive Board: Samuel Leupold leaving BKW

Bern (ots) - Samuel Leupold, member of the Executive Board and Head of the Energy International and Trading division, is leaving BKW mid-February next year, to take up a position as member of the executive board of Danish energy company Dong Energy, where he will be responsible for the off-shore wind division.

Samuel Leupold joined BKW on August 1, 2006, as Head of Production. Since April 1, 2008, he has been a member of the Executive Board, heading the Energy International and Trading division. Under his management BKW has expanded its international wind energy business (today totalling some 160 wind turbines in Germany and Italy, with a total capacity in excess of 300 MW). BKW has also become a multi-commodity dealer in the electricity trading field, expanding its market position in Italy in infrastructure and sales.


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