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Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant
Impressive electricity output despite lengthy revision

Bern (ots) - In 2011 the Mühleberg power plant (KKM) of BKW Inc. generated 2,605 million Kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity: 16% less than in 2010 (3,109 million kWh). The reduction is due to the extended revision of the plant in the summer of 2011. Since the early 1970s the KKM has generated more than 105,733 million kWh of electricity. Compared to a modern gas-fired combined-cycle power plant, since starting up the KKM has saved around 45 million tonnes of CO2. The plant owes this good result to ongoing modernisation and its extremely good operational safety.

In 2011 Mühleberg nuclear power plant reliably fed electricity to the grid for 6,711 hours (2010: 8,172 hours), i.e. for 76.5% of the year (2010: 93.3%). With the exception of the longer revision from 30 June to 23 September (which, in addition to the usual recurring maintenance work, renovations and inspections, involved measures to optimise the SUSAN intake structure) and a brief fault-induced reduction in capacity in October, the plant operated without a hitch. Average availability since 1972 amounts to 89.9 %: a very high average by international standards.

BKW aims to continue ensuring the safe operation of the KKM through ongoing plant upgrades and regular, thorough system checks. The plant will continue to make an important contribution to energy security in north-western Switzerland.


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