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BKW FMB Energy Ltd/Consultative referendum on replacement for Mühleberg nuclear power plant: Stronger position for Mühleberg

    Bern (ots) - BKW FMB Energy Ltd (BKW) notes with satisfaction that the majority of Bernese voters have supported the positive view of the canton of Berne towards a replacement nuclear power plant in Mühleberg. This vote strengthens the position of Mühleberg, which is important for energy security throughout Western and Northwest Switzerland. The definitive decision on the replacement nuclear power plant project will be made at the national level.

    The fact that the majority of voters in canton Berne came out in favour of building a replacement nuclear power plant on the Mühleberg site has sent out a signal. This result strengthens the position of Mühleberg and supports BKW in its bid for a technologically diversified, virtually CO2-free production portfolio and a high standard of supply. It takes account of the fact that Mühleberg plays an important role in supplying electricity to the greater Berne region as well as Northwest and Western Switzerland. Implementing the project will strengthen the canton of Berne and create valuable jobs.

    This positive result has strengthened BKW's resolve to further pursue the project in contact and dialogue with the community of Mühleberg and neighbouring communities as well as other interest groups.

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