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Safety authorities attest to suitability of sites

    Bern (ots) - An important milestone has been reached in the framework permit application process for replacement nuclear power plants in Beznau and Mühleberg. The Beznau and Mühleberg sites have been declared suitable for these replacement facilities. The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) has confirmed their suitability in its definitive appraisal for the Federal Office of Energy (FOE).

    In December 2008 the two leading Swiss energy companies, Axpo and BKW FMB Energy Ltd (BKW) jointly submitted framework permit applications to build replacements for the nuclear power plants in Beznau (AG) and Mühleberg (BE). The six-part framework permit applications state that the two sites are suitable for the construction and safe operation of a latest-generation nuclear power plant. The applications were drawn up by Resun AG, an Axpo/BKW joint-venture planning company. The plans to replace the Beznau and Mühleberg nuclear power plants are in line with one of the four pillars of the Federal Council's energy strategy, which expressly favours building replacement nuclear power plants.

    Following their submission by the project owners, the applications were initially subjected to a general review by ENSI, the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU) and the Office for Spatial Planning (ARE). Based on this initial review, Axpo and BKW submitted additional documentation and refined the individual details. On 30 September 2010, ENSI drew up its definitive appraisal for the Federal Office of Energy (FOE), concluding that Beznau and Mühleberg were suitable sites for construction of a nuclear power plant.

    In its appraisal, ENSI cites several points which need further clarification ahead of the construction permit applications. Needless to say, Axpo and BKW will address these aspects in the required detail when drawing up the relevant documents. The entire procedure as well as the level of detail required for each stage of the application process are governed by the Nuclear Energy Act which, as with other major infrastructure projects, requires general analyses and feasibility studies to be drawn up for projects to build a nuclear power plant, followed where necessary by detailed reviews. This is the stage at which the framework permit applications currently find themselves.

    About Axpo The Axpo Group includes Axpo AG, Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke AG (CKW) and EGL AG and is a leading Swiss energy company; it is rooted locally but also has an international profile. Electricity production, trading, sales, and services are all grouped together under the joint holding company. Together with its partners, Axpo delivers electricity to around three million people in Switzerland. Axpo Holding AG is wholly owned by the cantons of Northeastern Switzerland.

    Further information: www.axpo.ch

    About BKW With sales of CHF 3,592 million in 2009, BKW FMB Energy Ltd is one of Switzerland's leading energy providers. With its workforce of around 2,800, it covers all stages of the energy supply chain: from electricity production and transport to trading and sales. BKW supplies power to more than one million people in German- and French-speaking Switzerland, either directly or indirectly via its distribution partners, and is active on selected foreign markets through its trading and sales business. The BKW production portfolio covers hydroelectric power plants, a nuclear power plant, and renewable energy plants (wind and solar power). Thanks to its commitment to renewable energies and its green power products distributed under the 1to1 energy brand, BKW is currently Switzerland's largest provider of green power. BKW also maintains an extensive, closely-knit electricity grid with around 20,000 kilometers of lines. Combined with a large number of switching and transformer stations, it covers the supply region right down to the most remote localities.

    Further information: www.bkw-fmb.ch

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