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BKW FMB Energy Ltd: Swiss solution for Motor-Columbus - Purchase offer for Motor Columbus shares held by UBS AG

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    Berne (ots) - BKW FMB Energy Ltd of Berne (BKW) has submitted today to UBS AG of Zurich (UBS) an offer to purchase a substantial stake of at least 30% in Motor-Colombus (MC). The offer ensures a Swiss solution for MC and has been made with a view to securing the future supply of electricity in Switzerland. In acquiring this stake in MC, BKW will create the foundation for strengthening its industrial cooperation with Aare-Tessin Ltd for Electricity  of Olten (Atel), which at present is controlled by MC. In the interests of building a strong electricity group in Western and Northern Switzerland, BKW is also prepared, in tandem with appropriate consortium partners, to acquire the entire UBS stake of 55.6% in MC.

    UBS holds a 55.6% stake in MC. In turn, MC holds a majority stake (58.5%) in Atel. UBS has repeatedly expressed its intention of finding a sustainable Swiss solution for the sale of its MC holding.

    BKW's offer, coupled with the proposal to purchase the entire package of shares with a consortium of partners, would meet the requirements of UBS for a solution led by strong Swiss partners. The intention is to cooperate with all interested parties, and Atel in particular, to build up a strong electricity group in Western and Northern Switzerland ahead of the liberalised electricity market.

    BKW's offer reinforces its commitment to ensuring a secure, cost-effective supply of electricity in Switzerland.

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