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MobiCat - the world's largest solar-powered ship proves itself in tests

    Berne (ots) - Since being put into service on 5 July 2001 the world's largest solar-powered ship, MobiCat, has been proven in a range of comprehensive solar electricity tests. The object of these tests was to try out the new technology (solar module, electronics, measuring and analysing equipment) implemented after ten years' research at the Société Mont-Soleil. The electrical system components are handled by specialists from BKW FMB Energy Ltd.

    The MobiCat is the first large-scale solar-powered passenger ship to be deployed for everyday commercial trips on inland waterways. Thanks to innovative use of sophisticated modern solar technology, coupled with high-performance energy storage facilities (heavy-duty lead batteries), the energy backup system supplies sufficient autonomous power to the solar ship even in the absence of the sun.

    The solar-powered, noise- and emission-free ship, operated by the Lake Bienne Shipping Company (Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft BSG), will ply the three-lake region of the Jura as a multifunctional passenger, party, restaurant and exhibition craft before, during and after EXPO.02. Sponsored by the Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company, BKW FMB Energy Ltd, Certina Kurth Frères SA, the Société Mont-Soleil, the Lake Bienne Shipping Company (BSG), the Federal Office for Energy, the Canton of Berne, the Lake Bienne Conservation Association and the Lake Bienne Syndicate and supported by the Federal Council, the MobiCat will offer passengers a completely new, ecological sailing experience. As an example of Swiss innovative capability, it sets new standards in energy and environmental technology.

    MobiCat - technical data

    Total length 33 m     Beam 11 m     Weight unloaded 115 t     Payload 15 t     Max. speed 18 km/h     Cruising speed 14 km/h     Max. passenger capacity 150     Interior seating capacity 76     Crew 2     Solar cell output 20 kWp     Solar cell surface area 180 m2     Usable energy output 2 x 90 kWh     Batteries: nom. capacity and type 2 x 240 Ah     Weight of batteries 2 x 4000 kg     Propulsion electronics 2 x 90 kVA     Engine power 2 x 81 kW     Propeller diameter 2 x 80 cm     Aux. energy system 75 kVA


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