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Roche's Anaemia Therapies to Feature Strongly at Upcoming World Congress of Nephrology

    Basel, Switzerland (ots/PRNewswire) - Nephrologists attending the upcoming World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 21-25 April will hear about a wide range of study results from Roche's robust renal anaemia clinical trial programs for its two treatments -- MIRCERA(R) and NeoRecormon(R).

    Among the highlights will be two analyses on MIRCERA, Roche's new continuous erythropoietin receptor activator that is awaiting regulatory approval worldwide. The oral and poster presentations review MIRCERA's once monthly haemoglobin stability in the dialysis setting with different patient populations; and new safety data which shows the rate of haemoglobin decline after withholding once monthly MIRCERA treatment.

    Eight posters feature results from trials with Roche's first anaemia drug, NeoRecormon. Highlights include further results from the GAIN trial, an observational, prospective study assessing the management of renal anaemia in more than 4,000 haemodialysis patients within everyday clinical practice in 13 European countries; three posters from the IRIDIEM study investigating anaemia management in chronic kidney disease patients with Type 2 diabetes and three posters discussing the preliminary results from the ORAMA study, which used a guideline-based computerized system for clinical decision making.

    Details of the study results will be available concurrent with when they are presented at the congress. Please note all information presented at the annual meeting is embargoed for media release until the time of presentation.

@@start.t1@@                  Author                  Abstract Title        Presentation  Date & Time of
                                                                                    Type          Presentation
      MIRCERA Presentations
      Author: M. Heifets and Hemoglobin (Hb)                Poster    Sunday, 22 April
      F. Dougherty                 Decline After                                          2007
                                          Withholding C.E.R.A.
                                          Administration is not
                                          Influenced by
                                          C.E.R.A.'s Long Half
      Author: R. Bernardo      C.E.R.A. Administered        Oral      Monday, 23 April
                                          Once Monthly                                            2007
                                          Maintains Stable Hb
                                          Levels in Patients
                                          with CKD on Dialysis
                                          Regardless of Age and
      Author: A. Weinreich    Effectiveness and            Poster    Sunday, 22 April
                                          safety of haemoglobin                              2007
                                          management with
                                          epoetin beta -
                                          results from the
                                          12-month follow-up
                                          period of GAIN.
      Author: A. Covic          Achievement of EBPG         Poster    Monday, 23 April
                                          targets in Eastern                                  2007
                                          and Western Europe:
                                          ORAMA preliminary
      Author: I. MacDougall  Does a guideline              Poster    Monday, 23 April
                                          based computerized                                  2007
                                          clinical decision
                                          support system
                                          improve Hb
                                          attainment? - ORAMA
                                          preliminary results.
      Author: A. Winkler        Treatment of renal          Poster    Monday, 23 April
                                          anaemia in clinical                                 2007
                                          practice taking into
                                          account the "European
                                          Best Practice
                                          Guidelines" (EBPG)
                                          supported by a new
                                          computer based system
      Author: P. Stevens        Cardiovascular                 Poster        Tuesday, 24
                                          comorbidity and                                  April 2007
                                          medicines management
                                          in 1154 patients with
                                          type 2 diabetes and
                                          CKD: The IRIDIEM
      Author: P. Stevens        Anaemia management in      Poster        Tuesday, 24
                                          1154 patients with                              April 2007
                                          type 2 DM & CKD: A
                                          snapshot of Europe
                                          from the IRIDIEM
      Author: C. Wanner         Epidemiology,                  Poster        Tuesday, 24
                                          associated                                          April 2007
                                          comorbidities and
                                          treatment management
                                          in elderly patients
                                          with CKD and type 2
                                          diabetes mellitus.
      NeoRecormon Presentations Continued
      Author: P.M. Wee          Immediate pain                 Poster        Time - To be
                                          sensation is less                                Announced
                                          with s.c. NeoRecormon
                                          compared to s.c.

    Interested journalists may view the meeting schedule online at

    For more information, please contact:

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    Mobile: +973-687-0188

    Abenaa Hayes at Weber Shandwick

    Tel: +212-445-8337

    Mobile: +646-418-7224

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