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Never miss another call: sunrise call memo - practical and free

    Zurich (ots) - If you miss a call because your mobile phone is switched off or there is a temporary blip in coverage, you will now be informed automatically by SMS as soon as your mobile phone has reception again. sunrise call memo will be available from December 8, 2003, and is free to all sunrise mobile prepaid and postpaid customers who use sunrise mailbox.

    sunrise call memo comes into action when your mobile phone is switched off or has no reception. Until now, if you were in a meeting and had your mobile phone turned off, for example, and someone called you without leaving a message on your voicemail, you were none the wiser.

    However, sunrise call memo will change all this. Now, as soon as you have reception again, you will automatically receive an SMS from number 93510000 telling you the number of calls you have missed complete with date and time and a list of up to the last four numbers. What's more, the numbers can be called up and dialed directly from the SMS. This is an example of what a sunrise call memo may look like:

    You have 3 missed call(s):
    (Number)                    (Date)         (Time)
    +411234 XX XX          2/12/03         10:16
    +4176 890 XX XY        1/12/03         13:28
    +4176 901 XX XZ      30/11/03         15:54

    sunrise call memo has been successfully tested over the course of several months and is now available for free to all sunrise mobile prepaid and postpaid customers. The sole requirement is that you already use sunrise mailbox, which is the case with nearly all sunrise mobile customers. Users will receive an SMS informing them that the new service has been activated. However, it will take a few weeks before sunrise call memo can be activated for each and every customer.

    sunrise call memo was extremely popular among those who tested it. However, customers who do not wish to take advantage of the practical service can deactivate it by sending an SMS with the text MEMO OFF to 935. If you change your mind, the service can then be reactivated by sending an SMS with the text MEMO ON to 935. It's as easy as that.


    sunrise is the brand name of TDC Switzerland AG, the company resulting from the merger of the telecommunications companies diAx and sunrise. The TDC Group owns 100% of the share capital of TDC Switzerland AG. sunrise offers its customers state-of-the-art telecommunications services in the areas of mobile phone, fixed network and Internet. The sunrise mobile phone network has the most modern GSM dual band infrastructure in Switzerland and already provides a mobile phone coverage of 98%. sunrise has a high-quality, high-performance fiber optic network with a total length of 7000 kilometers - Swiss-wide. Presently, sunrise has approximately 2500 employees.

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