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communication is life. sunrise at Orbit/Comdex '01, Hall 1.0, Stand C21

    Zurich (ots) - For the first time since the merger, the new sunrise will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Orbit/Comdex trade fair from September 25 to 28 under the strong and well-established trade name of sunrise with a wide range of products in the areas of fixed network, mobile network, Internet and data solutions.

    The sunrise mobile portal combines mobile telephony and the Internet

    sunrise mobile is the first of the major Swiss portals to be specially tailored to the needs of mobile users at This is the ideal link between the web and mobile phone. On display for the first time at Orbit/Comdex '01, the sunrise mobile portal provides interesting news about mobile communication. Customers will find the latest developments here, together with in-depth reports about the world of mobile phones, the Internet, PDAs, ring tones and SMS.

    Another first is the SMS-Chat in cooperation with the Viva-Swizz TV station. SMS fans can send their chat contributions by mobile phone - they will be displayed on a special teletext page of the TV channel. Last but not least, the sunrise mobile portal provides a new and entertaining game in cooperation with the chip manufacturer Zweifel.

    Fax, E-Mail, SMS and ring tones

    Under "Other services", on the portal launched in early August, users will find everything which facilitates use of their mobile, such as fax and e-mail reception on the mobile, voice mailbox management and call diversion. The SMS section will also provide entertainment and information. Here you will find ring tones and picto-calls to download and the latest news or party suggestions by SMS. Plenty of fun can be had with Chat and Play and Flirt & Date via your mobile.

    Convenient SMS-configuration

    With the sunrise mobile portal, customers can subscribe easily to SMS services such as news, financial information, weather forecasts, jokes or party hints from the sunrise info-kiosk. The configurator permits precise settings of the SMS services which the user wishes to receive automatically at which particular time and on which days - no other SMS service can offer this degree of convenience.

    WAP and mobile Internet

    When it comes to the mobile Internet, WAP, the Internet access for mobile phones, is essential. The WAP portal is matched by extensive support and facilities on the Web. These include descriptions, configuration aids and a WAP simulator. This enables both internal and external WAP pages to be accessed on the PC. Users who wish to surf the net with their laptop and mobile phone on their travels will also find everything they need at the sunrise mobile portal. Page programming is reduced to the bare essentials to facilitate mobile surfing. Navigation has also been greatly optimized - each page can be reached with not more than three clicks.

    IP end-to-end: all IP-products from a single source

    Under the name "IP end-to-end", sunrise now offers its business customers all products in the IP range from a single source. IP end-to-end is a modular full service offering for the WAN (external data network) and LAN (internal data network) with connection facilities to the World Wide Web using the very latest IP technology. IP end-to-end also includes full E-Business services and data hosting with sunrise. Processing of all data traffic via an ultra-modern network based on Cisco technology guarantees optimum capacity and availability.

    The benefits of IP end-to-end are self-evident. With just one discussion partner, companies can develop and implement all solutions permitted by IP communications facilities both now and in the future.

    ip vpn, ip remote and secure access as the building blocks of ip end-to-end

    As a totally new feature, sunrise offers a completely outsourced remote access service. The great advantage is that the customer only pays for the maximum number of simultaneous connections, but has complete flexibility to increase this number at any time.

    sunrise ip remote is the name of the offering, which guarantees secure and flexible access to all information with total mobility. Via ISDN, analog data links, GSM or the new GPRS standard for mobile data communication, sunrise is the ideal partner for persons who want to be online everywhere, all the time.

    sunrise ip vpn permits efficient and low-cost connection of all the subsidiaries of a company. The different bandwidths can be tuned ideally to individual needs. Use of the very latest technologies enables new sites to be added without complex interventions or cleared for protected access to the public Internet. A business partner can also be authorized to have the same flexible access to specific Extranet data.

    Alongside protected Internet access, sunrise now also offers a comprehensive range of  Internet security services such as Firewall Scan with a detailed analysis report, measurement results and recommended improvements or Managed Security Services, such as sunrise secure access for newcomers on favorable terms and conditions from 256kbs to 16 Mbps for larger connections, IT Security Audit, Encryption-solutions and individual security consultancy.

    Mobile Office: the ubiquitous office

    Since last December, the sunrise GPRS-mobile network  (Global Packet Radio Service) has permitted data transmission rates, which are around four to five times faster than with the present GSM network. This is particularly important for business customers who often need data access during their travels. The range of GPRS-mobiles was modest to begin with but from autumn 2001 the wide choice of suitable terminal devices will permit effective use of GPRS. With its "Mobile Office", sunrise is demonstrating a service at Orbit/Comdex, which permits reliable and fast mobile access to company data such as E-Mail and diary. To consult E-Mails, diary information or an address book, GPRS mobiles with WAP as well as laptops or PDAs can all be used. As GPRS devices remain permanently online, Mobile Office guarantees unprecedented speed of access and high user convenience.

    With such a concentration of innovation, one thing is clear: anyone who is looking for an ideal business solution in the telecommunications field or wants to find an interesting and demanding job opportunity in this branch would certainly do well to visit the sunrise stand at Orbit/Comdex!


    sunrise is the brand name of TDC Switzerland AG, the company resulting from the merger of the telecommunications companies diAx and sunrise. The shareholders' meeting of TDC Switzerland AG consists of: Tele Danmark 78.6%, d Holding 16.6%, SBB 2.6% and UBS 2.1%. sunrise offers its customers state-of-the-art telecommunications services in the areas of mobile phone, fixed network and Internet. The sunrise mobile phone network has the most modern GSM dual band infrastructure in Switzerland and already provides a mobile phone coverage of over 95%.

      sunrise disposes of a high-quality, high-performance fiber optic
network with a total length of 5,900 kilometers - Swiss-wide.
Presently, sunrise has approximately 2,000 employees.

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Tel.: 0800 333 000, Fax: 0800 333 001

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